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Gaurav Srivastava | 13 Dec 2022

Tips for First-time Home Sellers

Tips for First-time Home Sellers

While surfing the internet for real estate-related articles, you will come across a plethora of articles and content for first-time homebuyers or buying a property. But what if you are a home seller and looking out for some useful information on home selling? Well, you as a home seller might feel helpless at that time, but we won't let you feel helpless anymore as we are here with an informative guide on tips for first-time home sellers.

When the home seller decides to sell a house, there is often a period of confusion and uncertainty. Most first-time home sellers, including you, have no idea how or where to start the home-selling process. If you are on your journey of selling your house for the first time, you need to understand what the home selling process entails, what costs are associated with selling a house, and multiple other things.

So, before you sell your house for the first time, make sure you have a look at the important tips stated below. Keeping these tips in mind will surely put you in a much better position to sell your house.

Let's start then!

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Tip 1: Hire a top listing agent

Being a first-time home seller, you must understand the importance of hiring a top listing agent. No matter which real estate market you belong to, there are several real estate agents who are highly qualified and experienced in selling a house. But one thing to note here is that not all real estate agents are equal. Here, a first-time home seller who has an idea of how to interview prospective real estate agents will have a much greater chance of hiring a top listing agent.

Tip 2: Prepare your house for the market

Most home sellers don't know how to prepare their homes for the open real estate market. Before selling your house for the first time, you must realize the importance of being double sure that your house is show-ready as soon as you list it for sale. To make your house show-ready, you can consider low-cost improvements like painting rooms, cleaning floors, replacing outdated hardware, and much more. All these things will surely leave a good first impression on potential home buyers.

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Tip 3: Decide your next move

Another tip for people who are selling their homes for the first time is to decide their next move. First-time home sellers often forget to figure out what their next move is after selling their current house. When selling a house for the first time, it is highly important to have a powerful game plan in place for your next move. Selling and buying a property can be challenging, therefore, it's crucial to have a game plan ready for your next move.

Tip 4: Know all your closing expenses

Most first-time home sellers are often shocked when they get to know closing expenses when selling a home. One of the sharp pills for first-time home sellers to swallow is brokerage fees. Real estate commissions are negotiable, and you, as a first-time home seller, must believe that brokerage fees are the largest expense to be incurred in the home-selling process. Additionally, other home-selling expenses that home sellers must consider involve re-dating an abstract, cost of an instrument survey, and much more. So, it's better to know all the closing expenses beforehand.

Tip 5: Price your house accurately

Every first-time home seller needs to understand the importance of accurately pricing their house. The most common reason a house does not sell in the real estate market is that the house is inaccurately priced. As a home seller, you must avoid all the common real estate mistakes and pricing errors. For this, you must understand the multiple ways of estimating the property price. Also, make sure you avoid some inaccurate ways of pricing a home, like using a home-assessed value tool.

Tip 6: Review your listing online

Lastly, make sure to review your listing online on multiple platforms. This needs to be done in order to make sure the information covered about your home is error-free and precise. Although the top listing agent you might have hired will do his/her best to ensure the correctness of the information, since it is your house, you know the details better than him/her. If you spot a mistake or think any feature is missing, get in touch with your agent immediately and ask for an insertion.

We understand that selling a home for the first time can be extremely daunting and stressful, but you will have a higher chance of a successful home sale if you keep the above tips in mind. Also, make sure to prepare yourself mentally for the possible home-selling challenges that might come your way.

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