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Gaurav Srivastava | 15 Dec 2022

5 Essential Tips for Moving to a New House with Kids

5 Essential Tips for Moving to a New House with Kids

Moving to a new house can be as stressful as exciting when moving with your children. Moving to another house with kids in tow can feel like an overwhelming chore. If you are a parent or a guardian, you might know that every child is different. Some children embrace change peacefully, while others need to warm up to it. And, most importantly, every child adjusts at their own pace. At the same time, the perfect approach will differ depending on the persons involved. 

So, if it’s time for you to move to a new house with your children but you are worried about managing everything from the start till the end, we are here to assist you. Here we have got you covered with 5 essential tips and suggestions to help you make the transition smooth and easier like never before. 

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Tip 1: Turn the whole process into a game and get your children involved

The foremost and best tip for moving to a new house with children is to turn the whole moving process into a game and get your children involved. This will make your children get interested in what’s going on. It will moreover help you feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. For example, you can let your children help you pack certain items as you gather everything ready for the move. This will not only make them feel involved, but it will also give you a perfect opportunity to have those little conversations about how they are actually feeling about moving to a new house. 

Tip 2: Make sure to put the labels on the boxes

Another tip that can prove to be helpful while moving to a new house with children is to put up labels on the boxes. While packing the things for your new house, make sure you know where everything is, and this will require you to show some of your labeling skills. Simply putting labels like “Footwear,” “Clothing,” “Must-Haves,” etc., on the boxes will help you identify what’s inside while unpacking. Besides this, it will be a good idea to be pretty specific when packing the belongings of your children. So, when they ask you for the most obscure item in their inventory, you can easily put your hand straight on it.  

Tip 3: Create a familiar play space for your children and set it up first

Children love to play, and when it’s a familiar play space, they love playing more. So, when moving to a new house with kids, it’s always suggested to create a familiar play space for them and set it up first. For this, you can simply set up the toy area of the playroom first and put each toy and the basket in the same place, if possible, as it was in your old house. You can also get all of your kid’s favorite comics and games out so that they all are easily accessible for reading and playing at any time of the day. Then, while unpacking the rest of the house, it will be nice for your children to have games to play with and familiar toys to spend time with. Moreover, this will help you unpack the rest of the house peacefully as no one will be there to disturb you. 

Tip 4: Don’t show your kids you are stressed

Your children might definitely look to you for mental and emotional support. So, if you feel stressed and worried about moving to a new house and showing it, this will lead to your kids also becoming stressed. In addition to this, it will make your children feel that moving to a new house is a negative thing. On the other hand, if you are relaxed and positive, your children will have a sense of relaxation. It will also make them feel that moving to a new house is a good thing and everything will be okay. 

Tip 5: Stick to the previous routine

Finally, the last tip to keep in mind while moving to a new house with children is to stick to the previous routine. Continuity is important in all segments of life, so you need to do the things you did beforehand. If you were previously involved in family mealtime, playing games at night in your old house, then stick to the same routine in the new house. You could also invite people your children are close to, like friends and family, to visit. This way, your children will feel they have just changed house instead of losing their home. 

Moving to a new house is stressful enough, but adding a little one to the process could leave you tearing your hair out. But fortunately, it’s not only you who could end up stressed either. Youngsters also feel impacted by the whole process, and that’s why we have put together this guide. We hope the tips mentioned above will indeed help you make your upcoming move with children a fun-filled adventure and not a misadventure. 


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