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Sequoia Realty is a well established real estate developer in Pune, Maharashtra. The real estate development organization was incorporated with the vision to create smart future-friendly buildings. These buildings would include world-class durable finishes and safety measures. Every human resource affiliated with Sequoia Realty’s projects is nurtured to work with integrity and a customer-centric focus. They hold their commitment to delivering high-quality projects within the deadline to the utmost priority. Sequoia Realty has a highly-skilled team of leaders that work on acquiring land, project planning, designing, engineering, construction, and fine-tuning each project. Every Sequoia Realty employee working on a project or with a customer takes ownership of their task and make sure it’s done as per the gold standard without raising the cost of the property significantly. So far, Sequoia Realty started another 1 new projects.This customer-centric view of construction has made Sequoia Realty one of the most well-respected and recognized real estate development brands in Pune.Corporate Office: Ward No. 8, Aundh Gaon, Aundh
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