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Bhawna Kothari | 07 Jul 2022

What is Clicworth Property Valuation Tool?

What is Clicworth Property Valuation Tool?

Table of Content:

  1. Meaning of Clicworth
  2. Accuracy of Clicworth
  3. How does Clicworth work?
  4. Steps To Get An Instant & Free Estimate Of Home Value

What is Clicworth?

Clicworth is Clicbrics' free estimate of a property's market value. It incorporates publicly available data from various government agencies, including location, home details (address, floor, and square footage), transaction price history, and market trends.

Clicworth currently operates in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Hyderabad but will soon provide consumers with price estimates for residential properties across India.

Notably, Clicworth is an estimate only and can differ in the actual transaction price.

How accurate is the Clicworth?

A Clicworth estimate determines the property's market value based on transaction price history or the price at which the house was last sold.

Also, data such as the pin code, address, apartment number, floor, square foot area, and price per square foot are the most common inputs used to estimate a home's worth.

Clicworth's accuracy depends on the available data in the area of the home. The more data, the more accurate Clicworth will be.

How does Clicworth work?

Clicworth is a valuation model that estimates the accurate market value of a residential property.

Clicbrics' pricing model, Clicworth, is backed by the massive public, proprietary, and user-submitted data to calculate accurate property prices. It utilizes the property address as its primary input into Clicbrics' proprietary formulas/algorithms to estimate the price of a property that one might want to buy/sell or simply for information.

This technology-powered property valuation tool also compares similar properties in a specific area to estimate the value of a property.

Steps To Get An Instant & Free Estimate Of Home Value

First, to find the property's value, you need the following information-

  • Details such as Project, Pincode or Locality

  • Floor number

  • Sq. footage of the apartment

Step 1 - Visit & click on Check Prices from the top of the website.

Property Estimated Tool

Step 2 - Enter the project, pin code, or locality.


Step 3 - You will be redirected to Clicworth's estimate page. You can make changes and enter the floor number and square footage area of the property you want to value.

Property Valuation Tool

Step 4 - Based on the data entered, you'll see your property's estimated market value.

Property Estimation Tool

You can find out the value of a property in three simple steps. In addition, the estimated price will be followed by an EMI calculator that will detail the monthly EMI, loan amount, tenure, and interest rate.

Also, one will be able to view the nearby sold properties and the projects available for sale, along with their recent sold price and Clicworth estimate. It will make the homebuying journey relatively easy for buyers.


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