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Marketing Team | 12 Jun 2023

IGRS UP - Property & Marriage Online Registration @igrsup.gov.in

IGRS UP - Property & Marriage Online Registration @igrsup.gov.in

Table of Content: 

  1. List of Services Available On IGRS UP​
  2. How To Search for Property Information On igrsup.gov.in?
  3. How To Get Details of The Property On The igrsup.gov.in?
  4. Property Registration On IGRS UP
  5. Benefits of The IGRS UP Portal
  6. Other Services Accessible Through IGRSUP

The Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps, i.e., IGRS, is highly responsible for levying taxes on property transactions and other related activities. In addition to this, it is also responsible for generating the revenue crucial for the growth of the state. If we talk about IGRS UP, it is the official portal of the Stamp and Registration Department in Uttar Pradesh. IGRS UP is responsible for the registration of property and multiple other transactions.

Through this portal, the citizens of UP can avail of many property-related services online. Users simply need to visit the https://igrsup.gov.in/igrsup/ to avail of multiple real estate-related services. 

This was just some brief information, but the guide will now focus on detailed information regarding services offered, from IGRSUP property search to property registration, benefits, and much more.

List of Services Available On  IGRS UP

The portal offers a wide range of services that involve:

  • Know your SRO 

  • Certified copies

  • Registration of property service

  • Encumbrance search

  • E-stamping

  • Society registration

  • Market value search

  • Prohibited property service

  • Marriage registration 

  • Uttar Pradesh sale deed, dastavej and bainama

  • Data on chit funds

  • Information and details on stamp vendors or franking

How To Search for Property Information On igrsup.gov.in?

In order to get IGRSUP property search related information, you need to follow a series of steps stated below:

Step 1: First, visit the portal and do igrsup login

Step 2: On the website, click on the "property search" option on the left-hand side.

Here, you can perform IGRSUP property search based on the below-mentioned categories and confirm the property's exact location, ownership details, and legality.

  • Property address (information of deeds registered before December 5, 2017)

  • Property address (information of deeds registered after December 5, 2017)

  • Buyer name (information of deeds registered before December 5, 2017)

  • Seller's name (information of deeds registered before December 5, 2017)

  • Buyer's name (information of deeds registered after December 5, 2017)

  • Name of the seller (information of deeds registered after December 5, 2017)

  • Registration number and registration date/ registration year

How To Get Details of The Property On The igrsup.gov.in?

Step 1: First, visit the portal and do the IGRSUP login

Step 2: Tap on the property details tab on the IGRS UP website.

Step 3: You will be directed to the page where you have to click whether you are looking for a rural or urban property. 

Step 4: Enter the district and property ID to see property deeds, property tax dues, utility details and civil cases. 

That's all! It is this simple to get the details of the property on IGRSUP. Now, let's understand how to register a property on the IGRS UP portal. 

Property Registration On IGRS UP

When you register a property in your name on IGRSUP, you agree that the property is rightfully yours. Any fees or charges due to the government are also paid during the process of registration. 

In Uttar Pradesh, you can easily register your property online through the IGRSUP website by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Log in on the website of IGRS UP.

Step 2: Under the "property registration" tab or "सम्पत्ति पंजीकरण" tab on the left-hand side, tap on the "आवेदन करें" option.

Step 3: Assuming this is your first time, tap on the "New Application" option. 

Step 4: Proceed further to choose the property's details, including district, tehsil, and sub-registrar, and add your mobile number, password, and captcha code. Once you have entered all the details successfully, tap on the "Sign in" option.

NOTE: If you have already registered on the IGRS UP website, you don't need to go through the steps mentioned above. You can simply proceed by tapping on the "user login" option.

Step 5: Select the documents you need to register from the list.

Step 6: Add the name of the deed presenter and the contact number.

Step 7: Here, you must provide certain details regarding the property like tehsil, type of area, property type, sub-area etc.

Step 8: Proceed further by adding details about the valuation of the property. You will also need to add the type of building and details about it.

Step 9: If there's any applicable sub-clause, add that information too.

Step 10: Upload the important documents to proceed. Keep the government identity cards, residence certificate, ground paper, photographs, etc. ready.

Step 11: Add relevant information about other parties involved in the transaction and also details about two witnesses.

Step 12: Choose the deed document and use the "Save" option to proceed further.

Step 13: You will now be required to pay for this service. From the list, choose the payment option that is most convenient for you.

Step 14: Lastly, take a printout for future reference. Once the process is completed, visit the sub-registrar's office on any working day for further verification. 

Benefits of The IGRS UP Portal

The benefits of the IGRSUP portal are as follows:

  • IGRSUP is a good example of the use of technology and information to facilitate good governance in the state

  • IGRS UP can assist in reducing fraudulent activities and corruption through the facility's transparency

  • IGRSUP portal can also help in reducing the manual work and also saves the time of the citizens

  • People of Uttar Pradesh can use this portal for the redressal of their grievances 

  • The portal facilitates excellent governance in the UP state

  • With the help of the IGRSUP portal, people can easily check the IGRSUP Circle Rate in Uttar Pradesh

Other Services Accessible Through IGRSUP

1. Koshvani

The Koshvani portal tells you everything about the UP government's financial activities throughout the entire year. You can tap on the "Koshvani" tab on the right-hand side to be directed to the portal.

2. UP Bhulekh

UP Bhulekh allows you to access the digitized land records through the portal.

3. Jansunwai

This is a dedicated portal that enables the citizens of UP to register their complaints with respect to land scams. 

And here we have come to the end of this article. We hope this article has helped you gain a complete understanding of what exactly IGRS UP is and what services it offers. In case of any doubts, feel free to ask by commenting below. 

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