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Ipsa Rai | 20 Mar 2023

Bhulekh UP: Check Khasra-Khatauni & Online Land Records

Bhulekh UP: Check Khasra-Khatauni & Online Land Records

Table of Content:

  1. Bhulekh UP #1: Bhulekh UP- An Overview​
  2. Bhulekh UP #2: How To Check Land Records On Bhulekh UP?
  3. Bhulekh UP #3: Steps To Check Bhulekh Naksha In UP
  4. Bhulekh UP #4: How Can I Confirm My Ownership Details in Bhulekh UP?
  5. Bhulekh UP #5: Online Information On Disputed Properties At Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh
  6. Bhulekh UP #6: Bhulekh UP Online Portal: Key Features

Indicative of a nation's or region's economic might are the purchase/sale of land in the country. However, despite being a valuable asset, land transfers in India have seen absence of transparency and the manipulation of ownership records. In 2008, the Indian government launched the National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) to establish a digital and transparent land records management system where each state would have its bhulekh website for people to view land records. The Uttar Pradesh State Revenue Board too, launched an online portal referred to as Bhulekh UP.

This website contains all land records, including specifics regarding ownership. Instead of making the troublesome journey to the Tehsildar's or Patwari's office, people can simply check the status and history of a land/plot including UP khasra-khatauni, bhu naksha on the online portal of Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh. 

Bhulekh UP- An Overview

The state’s online land records management portal, Bhulekh UP, contains comprehensive details about the land in the state, including individual plots and parcels. 

After gaining access to the site, you will be able to obtain any information regarding your land in the state. The portal will show you UP Bhulekh’s naksha, khasra-khatauni(the legal documents for the land in question), land parcel number as well as all of the details pertaining to land transfers and ownership.

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How To Check Land Records On Bhulekh UP?

Following this step-by-step guide will give you access to land records on Bhulekh UP:

1.Visit https://upbhulekh.gov.in/. Select the fifth tab on the home page. This tab will help you view the Record of Rights copies.

2. When you select the aforementioned menu item, a confirmation page will load in which you'll be asked to enter a captcha for safety purposes. Enter Submit once you have added Captcha.

3. When you click the link on the Bhulekh UP portal, a new page will load with the names of all the cities, tehsils, and villages found in the Uttar Pradesh region. Here, you'll need to specify the district, tehsil, and village where the land in question is located.

4. After you submit the information, a new window will appear asking for the khasra or gata number, respectively. In addition to the khata number, you can also search for a specific khatedaar by entering their name.

Note: Gata number is assigned to each individual’s plot/land in India. This 16-digit number is completely unique and is issued by the state's Revenue Department. 

5. When you've finished entering the khasra information, select the "Uddharan dekehin" button.

6. You will be taken to a new page where you will be able to view all of the land records, khasra and all other information you are seeking on Bhulekh in Uttar Pradesh.

Steps To Check Bhulekh Naksha In UP

You can check the UP Bhulekh Naksha online of the land in question by following the procedures outlined below:

1.Go to https://upbhulekh.gov.in/public/public_ror/Public_ROR.jsp

2. Select district from the list, then the tehsil and then the village 

3. After making your selection from the aforementioned list, you will be taken to a new page where you can enter any of the following information to conduct a UP bhulekh map search:

  • Khasra/gata number

  • Your khata number

  • Name of the khatedar

  • Time and date of the most recent change in ownership

4 After filling the information, the UP’s bhulekh naksha of the land will be accessible to you.

How Can I Confirm My Ownership Details in Bhulekh UP?

Lands with joint ownership require the approval of all parties involved. To ensure there is no shadiness in the transaction, knowing the exact number of shareholders, the exact amount to be paid, etc. is essential. Follow these steps to quickly verify who owns a piece of property via Bhulekh UP’s online portal:

Step 1-To check Khatauni in UP, you should begin by going to the UP Bhulekh website (https://upbhulekh.gov.in/). Look up the khatauni's land ownership records by selecting "Khatauni Ansh nirdharan ki nakal dekhein" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2- From there, you'll be redirected to a new page (https://upbhulekh.gov.in/public/public_ror/Public_ROR_Ansh.jsp). Choose the district, tehsil, and village here.

Step 3- The next step is to follow the same steps as before to gain access to information on UP’s khasra khatauni (land records) and learn who actually owns the land in question.

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Online Information On Disputed Properties At Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh

Land disputes are common, especially when multiple people own a piece of land. For this reason, it is prudent to thoroughly investigate the property's history before committing to a deal. The steps below using Bhulekh UP will help you get this information: 

1. Visit the official website and select "Bhukhand/gaate ke baad grashtha hone ki sthithi jaanein" (Check the status of land/property dues).

2. After clicking, a page will load where you can specify the neighbourhood, tehsil, and district where the home is situated. you will be redirected to this page once you have entered the required information.

3. Provide your gata number and click on the "Gaata Prasthithi" menu item. Here you will find all the required land information(Bhulekh) in Uttar Pradesh.

Bhulekh UP Online Portal: Key Features

Bhulekh UP as an online portal provides more than just a platform to look up property information. Some of Bhulekh UP’s most notable characteristics are as follows:

  • All land documents are available on Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh’s online database. All information pertaining to a given property, such as UP Khasra-Khatauni, UP Bhulekh map,land ownership - everything is available on the website.

  • In order to find out where your property's mutation stands, you can use Bhulekh UP. The term "mutation" is used to describe the process by which one person hands their possessions to another.

  • Get a good feel for the property's location by checking it out on the UP Bhulekh map.

  • Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use. Information on Bhulekh UP is easily accessible to those who are not tech-savvy.

  • In addition to the website, Bhulekh UP also offers a mobile application for those who need quick and easy mobile access to the site's content. By searching the Google Play Store for "bhulekh app download," you can get the Bhulekh UP mobile application. 


Bhulekh UP has been instrumental in accelerating the state's ongoing effort to digitise land records. Given the prevalence of fraud and corruption in the real estate industry, this development is a forward step for the citizens, who can now search a property's history and status before making any decisions. If you're thinking of buying or selling some land, you can rest assured that the process and the portal is open and fair. 

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