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Simar Nagi | 27 Oct 2023

Trivandrum Metro: Cost, Project Details, Map & Stations Along The Light Metro Line

Trivandrum Metro: Cost, Project Details, Map & Stations Along The Light Metro Line

Table of Contents:

  1. Trivandrum Metro: A Long-Awaited Dream​
  2. Trivandrum Metro: Project Details
  3. Trivandrum Metro: Cost Involved
  4. Trivandrum Metro: Benefits
  5. Trivandrum Metro: Route Map & Line
  6. Trivandrum Metro: Map & Stations Along The Light Metro Line
  7. Trivandrum Metro: Impact on Real Estate

Trivandrum, the enchanting capital city of Kerala, is set to transform its urban transportation landscape with the Trivandrum Metro Rail Project. After facing numerous challenges and revisions, this ambitious project is now on track to become a reality, promising to make the city's commute faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly. In this blog, we'll delve into the exciting developments of the Trivandrum Metro and what it means for the city and its residents.

Trivandrum Metro: A Long-Awaited Dream

The Trivandrum Light Metro Rail Project was first conceptualized in the early 2000s. However, it faced rejection initially due to concerns over the high estimated cost. This setback did not deter the authorities but spurred them to reevaluate and redesign the project. However, the turning point for the Trivandrum Metro came in February 2021, when the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) took charge and crafted a revised Detailed Project Report. With a fresh outlook, the Thiruvananthapuram metro was finally approved, marking a significant milestone in the city's development.

Trivandrum Metro: Project Details

Trivandrum has undergone remarkable growth in both population and economic activity. However, this prosperity has brought forth a pressing issue - the city's urban transportation infrastructure. Once tranquil roads are now clogged with traffic, hindering daily commutes and the city's sustainable development. In response to this urgent need, Thiruvananthapuram initiated a groundbreaking venture, the Thiruvananthapuram Light Metro Project.

The Thiruvananthapuram light metro is expected to cover approximately 21 km, with an initial phase that includes the construction of 19 metro stations. This strategic distribution of stations aims to connect key areas of the city, reducing traffic congestion and enhancing accessibility. The project is expected to be fully operational within the next five years, promising a brighter future for Trivandrum's transportation landscape.

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Trivandrum Metro: Cost Involved

The estimated cost of the metro Trivandrum project is approximately Rs. 4,219 crore. The Government of Kerala, the Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation (KRDC), and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will support this initiative. 


Trivandrum Metro:Benefits

Below, you will find some of the advantages of the metro in Trivandrum. 

  1. Reduced Traffic Congestion: Trivandrum residents can look forward to shorter commute times and less traffic congestion as the metro provides a reliable alternative to private vehicles.

  2. Eco-Friendly Commuting: With a focus on sustainability, the light metro will reduce the city's carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

  3. Economic Growth: Improved connectivity often increases economic opportunities and development, benefitting local businesses and residents alike.

  4. Safety and Comfort: Metro rail systems are known for their safety and convenience, making daily commutes stress-free.

  5. Boost to Tourism: Trivandrum's metro will enhance the city's appeal to tourists, making it easier for visitors to explore its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

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Trivandrum Metro: Route Map & Line

Trivandrum Metro

Source: TimesProperty 

The Trivandrum Metro's proposed route is set to kick off from Technocity, reaching its final destination at Karmana. Along this 21.821 km route, 19 metro stations are scheduled for construction. According to the Thiruvananthapuram Light Metro Project Report, plans include the development of flyovers at key points such as Ulloor, Kazhakuttam, and Sreekaryam.

Moreover, as per the current project report, the Thiruvananthapuram Light Metro Project is designed to feature a single metro line. In addition, no official color designation has been assigned to this metro line.


Trivandrum Metro: Map & Stations Along The Light Metro Line

Below, you will find some of the names of the upcoming Trivandrum light metro stations :

  1. Technocity

  2. Pallipuram

  3. Kaniyapuram

  4. Kazhakoottam

  5. Kazhakootam Junction

  6. Karyavattom

  7. Gurumandiram

  8. Pangappara

  9. Sreekaryam

  10. Pongumoodu

  11. Ulloor

  12. Kesavadasapuram

  13. Pattom

  14. Plamoodu

  15. Palayam

  16. Secretariat

  17. Thampanoor

  18. Killipalam

  19. Karamana

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Trivandrum Metro: Impact on Real Estate

The Trivandrum Metro is poised to impact the city's real estate sector profoundly. As metro stations are strategically integrated into various neighborhoods, property values in these areas are expected to witness a significant uptick. Improved connectivity, reduced commute times, and enhanced accessibility will make these localities highly desirable for residents and investors. Additionally, the metro's promise of reduced traffic congestion and a greener urban environment will add to the allure of living near metro stations. 


The Trivandrum Metro Rail Project is a step towards a more vibrant, sustainable, and connected capital city. As it approaches completion in the next five years, residents and visitors can look forward to a brighter, more convenient future. 


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