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Alisha | 20 Feb 2023

Important Points To Know Before Selling Your Home

Important Points To Know Before Selling Your Home

Buying or selling a home should be a rigorous involvement in planning and decision-making as it will have a lasting impact on your financial journey. The process of selling a home is understandably time-consuming and challenging. Strangers as home buyers will visit your home and will try their best to negotiate to offer you less money than your claim. As a first-time home seller, you are bound to make lots of mistakes. Therefore, we are here to guide you in your home selling journey with the best possible strategies and tips to avoid silly mistakes. Get the highest possible price for your home by strictly adhering to the below points.

1. Emotionally challenges of selling a home

Think more like a business individual from the moment you decide to sell your home. Look at the dealing process of your home from a financial aspect as it will be helpful in detaching yourself from the emotions attached with your property. Indulging in some minor renovation can bring you the extra amount from the buyer and make your own home seem less familiar.

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2. Involve an agent to sell your home

The deal between you and the real estate agent will be quite sorted once you hire an agent. The agent with his/her professional skills will set a competitive price for your home, along with good negotiation deal within a short duration. An agent is also responsible for paperwork and other unexpected hurdles. A new home seller will especially find the assistance of an agent beneficial while giving a certain percentage of commission in return to him/her.

3. Do not set an out-of-the-way-price as it may complicate the dealings

Going solo or selling your home along with an agent, make sure to set a realistic price for the buyer. Do your market research well If you feel the price set for your home is low, do not get disheartened. The positive side of this practice will generate as many offers, bidding will follow and the value of your home will rise. Hence, you will have the option of rejecting the lowest bid.

4. Seasons do have an influence in the sale of your home

Consider lazy seasons like winters or other types of holidays when people generally prefer to stay at home. Even during festivals, families are busy in social gatherings. With just a handful of buyers, your home is either likely to not find a buyer or will take a longer time to crack the deal. The only advantage of such a slow period of the year is the absence of many sellers, which can further work in your advantage.

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5. Refrain from hiding issues related to your home

It's stupidity to hide issues related to your home with the buyer. Eventually, he/she would find out. The best way to deal with it is fix the problem before-hand or acknowledge your home buyer with the problem. Allow your home for inspection before listing as it will possibly avoid costly surprises to you later.


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