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Gaurav Srivastava | 02 Sep 2019

DIY Room Dividers Ideas That Will Help You Renovate

DIY Room Dividers Ideas That Will Help You Renovate

If you live in a studio apartment or you have an open floor plan inside the house or just want to break up a big room, room dividers can make something out of nothing. It can provide a new look to your living space by adding texture or serving as pieces of art. If you also want to renovate your home with the power of room dividers, here are some incredible DIY projects ideas for inspiration: 

Macrame Room Divider

Macrame is a coarse textile made from cotton string codes or knotting threads. This macrame room divider is a beautiful way to create a bohemian vibe and breaks up small spaces when hung from the screws on the ceiling. This is a great room divider idea for anyone wanting to go big with a simple pop design and want to create a relaxed space.

Jute Rope Divider

Those who want a more traditional approach will be pleased by this jute rope room divider. This DIY project required a jute rope that can be purchased from any local store. String up some jute rope to wood boxes and create a room divider that is capable of separating the space into clearly defined zones.

Woven Rattan Room Divider

If you’re sharing your room with other people, this rattan room divider can help you get some privacy. It’s not only the quickest room divider idea of all time, but it is quite simple to customize. You need to start with a single strand of yarn on one end of the rattan, start weaving it from the front and behind and trimmed to size before being tied around the edge. 

Fabric Room Divider

Room dividers can help personalize and utilize every inch of your house. If you want to create a room divider that maintains a good balance between decent privacy with a feeling of openness, use a fabric room divider. If you have some fabric you love, consider using it as a room divider. You can adjust the height and width according to space requirements.

Bookcase Room Divider

If you want some privacy without completely closing off space can be done quite quickly if you choose a bookshelf divider. Choose a bookshelf with an open back and fill it with interesting art pieces and books.

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