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Gaurav Srivastava | 28 Jun 2018

7 Most Demanding Main Door Designs For Your New Home in 2022 (With Images)

7 Most Demanding Main Door Designs For Your New Home in 2022 (With Images)

Doors are integral parts of our home that can create a statement. Afterall, the door is the first thing which is visible and catch the attention of everyone in the neighborhood and often it becomes the identity of a house. For the very same reason, let’s surprise your visitor or even passersby by choosing the perfect door for your house

1. Two Sizes of the Door

Two Sizes of the Door

This type of door is perfect as it allows the residents to open it according to their need. Also, two sizes of the door provide security because a glass door on the side allows the residents to see outside without any disturbance. Image source:- architects-rock.com

2. Aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminum Sliding Door

To provide durability to your doors adding aluminum frames on all sides is an awesome idea. One can also incorporate colored glass to make the doors look customized. Image source:- windowanddoorspecialties.com

3. Iron Bar Door

Iron Bar Door

Another great way to add a structural support to your doors is by adding iron bars. Also, iron bad doors can give your entrance a grand look. Image source:- kingsny.com

4. Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Folding doors have different panels attached in a row which can be folded in or out to open, unlike the normal door. It can be opened partially which gives it a modern twist. Image source:- bifoldsbidesign.com

5. Fiberglass Entry Door

Fiberglass Entry Door

If you want to flow with the trend then fiberglass entry door is worth a shot. Framed in wood, the colorful fiberglass doors will add a modern touch. Image source:- docplayer.net

6. Modern Front Double Door

Modern Front Double Door

A perfect blend of beauty and style - for the one who admires the beauty of nature. With additional lighting effect right on your doors, onlookers can't take their eyes off. Image source:- viendoraglass.com

7. Carved Wooden Door

Carved Wooden Door

Intricately carved wooden doors just not only offer an appealing talking point but also it reflects the beauty of the rich heritage and culture of India. An authentic carved wooden door provides a well-fitting option and showcases the entrance to your home wonderfully well.

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