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Marketing Team | 25 Jan 2023

Give Your Home A Colourful Makeover In This Monsoon

Give Your Home A Colourful Makeover In This Monsoon

Finally, the rains are here to bring some relief from the oppressive heat. It’s that time of the year again when all you want to sit with a steaming cup of tea along with some pakoras and watch the raindrops fall. Isn’t it what you want during a rainy day? Well, home is where the splashes of monsoon feel the best. Here are a few monsoon home decor ideas that will keep your spirits high.

Throw In Some Colours

Mansoon feel the best

Incorporating different coloured accessories in your home enlivens the décor and makes it look fresh.  To brighten your room, including a plain colour sofa with colourful cushions to add a bit of warmth to space. Image Source:- scootsy.com

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Blooming Beauties

raindrops fall

Monsoon brings out the freshness in the air. Place bright beautiful flowers in your homes like lilies, roses etc. as it will not only enhance the look but also bring in the much needed natural scent into your homes and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Image Source:- islandhomesphuket.com

Songs Of The Wind

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Let the wind chimes soothe your mood during monsoon. hang wind chimes by the window and add a whimsical note to your home. Image Source:- ae01.alicdn.com

Feel Closer To Nature

rainy days

A good idea to welcome monsoon is by decorating your home with monsoon-friendly accessories like colourful wallpapers that make your home bright and striking. A colourful wallpaper has the same soothing effect in your home that rains have. Image Source:- betterinteriors.in

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Watch The Rain Pour Down

rainy day

Install a hammock in your room or your living room and enjoy those lazy weekend monsoon mornings with a cup of hot tea accompanied with your favourite music or book. Image Source:- secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com

Add A Refreshing Look

home decors

Monsoon is a good time to get rid of your heavy window curtains. When it comes to choosing curtains for the monsoon, select lighter shades as it allows ample sunlight to enter your home and it will keep space airy and bright. Image Source:- bananivista.com

Perk Up Your Dining Experience

raindrop fall

It is important to quirk up the dining interiors in monsoon. You can use colourful cutlery and containers along with some fancy dining set. Keep the dining table simple or you can put up a dinning cloth of a pastel colour, which will help accentuate your food items. You can also try colourful tablemats to make the dining experience more joyful. Image Source:- lmms.info

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