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27 Jun 2018

7 Vastu Tips to Convert Your Bathroom into a Positive Corner

7 Vastu Tips to Convert Your Bathroom into a Positive Corner

Bathrooms are one of those areas in the home which tend to become a major source of negative energy as they are the most neglected part in the home. Well, we can’t keep it away from our home but we can construct it following the rules and regulations laid by Vastu Shastra which can bring peace and positivity in life. 

Door to Enter

According to Vastu, build the entrance door of the bathroom on the Eastern or Northern wall. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to avoid negative energy. Image Source:- inhousesf.com

The Direction of the Bathroom

Plan it before and bathroom should be constructed in West or North-west part of the room. However, in case if it is not possible then you can construct your bathroom on the southern side of the room. Never built a toilet in Eastern or North-eastern part of the house. Image Source:- rebathofalbany.com

The Flooring of the Bathroom

Build the bathroom 1-2 feet higher than the ground level or at least there should be the level difference from the room. Image Source:- fthmb.tqn.com

Choice of Paint

The best colors for the bathroom interior are cream, white, brown and other earthy shades. Avoid using red, pink, yellow, green, black and dark blue. Image Source:- sauravdutt.com

The Direction of Placing the Mirror

The mirror in the bathroom should never face the entrance door of the bathroom. According to Vastu Shastra, whenever the entrance door of the bathroom is opened, negative energy goes into the bathroom. Image Source:- holoduke.com

Windows to Allow in Fresh Air

It is important to have some outlet of air in a bathroom. A window or an exhaust fan is important in the bathroom to let negativity out.Image Source:- decorsnob.com

A Wooden Door

One must pay special attention during the placement of the door. A bathroom should have a good quality of wooden door. Avoid a metal door as it brings negativity and could have an adverse effect on the health of the family. Image Source:- grassfire.org



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