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Marketing Team | 13 Mar 2023

Find Out Where Khloe Kardashian Along With Her Little Angel Is Living

Find Out Where Khloe Kardashian Along With Her Little Angel Is Living

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show star Khloé Kardashian recently went through a hard time splitting up with her partner Tristan Thompson, and the father of their daughter ‘True’. However, Khloe is now happily living with her daughter in her Calabasas estate, where other Kardashian-Jenner members live in. She reportedly bought this mansion from celebrity singer Justin Bieber in 2014.

1. Khloe's mansion is the most elegant Kardashian mansion

Khloe Kardashian Mansion

The California housing market is pretty posh and Khloé paid a whopping amount of $7.2 million dollars for the mansion. During a photo shoot, she hired the interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard with an aim to remodel the property back to its Mediterranean style. The reality star has her 9,214 square feet and 1.3-acre mansion decked up with an impressive list of amenities.

2. Learn decor style the Khloe’s way

Khloe Kardashian House

The interior designer is also the favourite of other Kardashian sisters. With his high-end aesthetics, each sister's well-defined personality has been reflected immensely in their respective mansions. As per the glamorous Khloe’s taste, the interiors are dominated by classy black, grey, and white furnishings. One can find a high indulgence in embellishments and intricate chandeliers.
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3. A screening room where Khloe’s guests can plan sleepovers

Khloe Kardashian Mansions

The luxurious space is a sneak peek of the screening room. Koko takes the comfort of the movie-watching experience to the next level. Silver is the prime colour chosen for the room along with a variety of textures. A wall-length couch with woven pillows and silky cushions, and two velvet chaise lounges arranged within the ambience of dim and cosy lighting perfectly sets the mood for a movie night.

4. Baby True gets an extremely special nursery from her Mommy


Khloe has taken inspiration from Kim in designing True’s nursery. Pink is the nursery's colour theme, furnished with a soft fluffy rug for True to comfortably play with her cousins on the floor. The white fitted drawers and wardrobes store her clothes and essentials, while the crib playfully hangs a pink butterfly mobile and flamingo print bedding.

5. Khloe is particular and neat about everything

tips of lifestyle

Having a wine cellar that can accommodate as many as 200 bottles, a pool, and a guest house, the mansion is an ideal spot to host a party. On the other hand, her kitchen space doesn't have a single thing lying out of the place, which hints at how high-maintained life Khloe lives. She has a combined kitchen and dining space with a marble-topped dining table and grey velvet chairs.

6. The bedroom and wardrobe are flawless

Khloe Kardashian Houses

Just one look on that comfy bed and you would feel dreamy. Also, the rug spread all over the floor is capable enough to give you a heavenly feel while walking. Her closet is an extremely organized space, keeping in mind the color, length and season. Don't you want such a closet like Khloe’s once in a lifetime?

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