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18 Jun 2019

Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Home This Monsoon

Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Home This Monsoon

After those long and overbearing summer days, now it is time for the rains to arrive when all you want to do is drop your chores and curl up with your favourite book and a steaming cup of tea. Well, coming of the rainy season is a very good sign as it gives us relief from the summer heat, the rainy days bring dirt and mud for us, which can spoil the interiors of your beautiful home.

Keep the shoe rack near the entrance

If you have placed a shoe rack in any room, then maybe you should consider changing its place. This is because, when you are going out in the rainy season, your shoes are going to be covered with dirt and mud and the dirt may enter your home through your dirty shoes. Therefore, keeping a shoe rack near the entrance will certainly help you to keep home clean in the rainy season.

Choose the Right Curtain

Replace thick drapes and curtains with light and quick-dry ones. Most of us, forget to change these heavy curtains with the arrival of the rainy season. The heavy curtains are not ideal for monsoon, as they take ages to dry and they add to the humidity of the room. So, it is best to lay rest to thick curtains and purchase some light curtains so that you can enjoy the fine spray of the rains

Place scentedcandles and mild fragrances

Even though the rainy season is loved by everyone, continuous rains can cause humid odours within the room. Keep a few scented candles or and incense sticks with mild fragrance on a stand or in that you can place candles in the favourite antique bowl of yours in the living room. And placing a few of these scented candles in your bathroom would also be a good idea

Take special care of your plants

keeping plants undoubtedly a magnificent mood lifter but excessive rain on plants promotes disease often evidenced in decay on leaves and stems, spots on foliage and, in severe cases, death of the entire plant. So you need to take special care of your plants during this season. Plants should be sheltered properly from rains. Therefore, bring your plants under your awning or window sill.

Prevent damages to wooden furniture

Rainy seasons are the toughest months for wooden furniture such as drawers, chairs, cupboards, and tables. These furniture’s can be destroyed when exposed to excessive moisture. Therefore it should not be exposed to water. Make sure you polish and varnish your wooden furniture well before the rainy season starts to Use naphthalene balls to protect clothes.



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