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Shuchi Singh | 20 Feb 2023

Technology Is Creating an Impact on Real Estate: Here’s What You Should Know

Technology Is Creating an Impact on Real Estate: Here’s What You Should Know

Technology has entered our homes and changed our lives into what they are today. It has made our lives simpler and better. Whether its fashion or food, every industry has embraced the ever-evolving technological changes, and real estate is no exception. New technologies are taking over the property sector by storm and accelerating the pace of business. It has made the property buying process simpler and easier for both buyers and sellers. Let’s take a look at some of the major areas where technology is impacting and improving the real estate industry.

Easy buying and selling of properties

Today, the real estate sector is shaping its future bright by using emerging technology such as Virtual Reality (VR). The power of VR technology can undoubtedly simplify the process to see the final product before making any sort of purchase decision. Typically, buyers visit multiple properties before making any final decision. Visiting a property requires a lot of time and things get complicated if a potential property - new home, flat or commercial office space is far from where a buyer lives. Instead of touring a potential property, virtual reality, allowing the clients of real estate builders and agents to virtually visit properties without leaving their homes. From helping buyers and sellers to virtually visit the property at their convenience, Virtual Reality is an influential game-changer for the real estate industry. 

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Construction technology

Technological advancements in the construction sector have brought massive changes in construction planning and project management, building construction, quality of the product delivered and safety. These days, to enhance the durability of the structures, they are being made as water-resistant, flame-retardant, and earthquake resistant. Many advanced construction technologies have also accelerated the construction process and have lowered the construction cost of the projects, thus, benefiting the homebuyer in the end.

Advanced marketing methods

The real estate sector in the late ’80s looked very different than it does today. In early days, hoardings, pamphlets, and other forms of physical marketing methods were the only source for the marketing of existing and upcoming projects. But now with the presence of several advanced marketing tools,  today's developers and brands have a wide array of choices at their disposal. These marketing tools are excellent ways for realty developers to advertise their residential and commercial properties and reach out to their target audience. Also, many real estate marketing portals offer a wide range of valuable insights which includes market dynamics, projected trends, customer analysis, and more. 

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Green designs

Last but certainly not least, green construction! With the advent of innovative technologies and the growing need for environmental sustainability, the developers are willing to invest in green building technologies and methods. A sustainable building structure will help in reducing energy waste, increasing productivity and establishing a higher living and aesthetic standards. Solar panels and energy-efficient features are commonly being implemented in today’s construction buildings to lower the carbon footprint and impact on the environment. A sustainable building structure can be much more useful for the ecosystem in the long run. That is why strict government guidelines have also been issued to maintain the ecological balance of the society. 


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