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Simar Nagi | 17 Mar 2023

No More Real Estate Frauds! Check How Clicbrics Minimizes the Chance of You Being Tricked!

No More Real Estate Frauds! Check How Clicbrics Minimizes the Chance of You Being Tricked!

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s a matter of time before every product and service will get affected by it. Digitalization is continuously growing and is creating a rise to change the market and economies. Some industries were slow in adapting to the technology, and the real estate sector was one of them. But with time, real estate India shifted its paradigm and now has moved towards digital transformation, which has eliminated the real estate fraud cases in India. Wondering how? Keep reading the blog, and you will be amazed to see how Clicbrics, the proptech startup, has successfully transformed real estate transactions and minimized the involvement of fraud real estate agents. As a result, people are enjoying the benefits of healthy business. 

Clicbrics: Overview 

clicbrics overview

The game-changing proptech startup was founded in 2017 by Rohit Malik and Subhash Bedi. Clicbrics is India’s first AI-based online marketplace that uses Machine Learning Algorithms to assist price trends and real transactional pricing to every stakeholder. 

In order to provide complete transparency to the Indian market, Clicbrics launched its property Valuation tool known as ‘Clicworth’. It allows customers to get approx 90% accurate home valuation. 

How does Clicbrics minimize the chance of you being tricked?


The vision of Rohit Malik was way ahead of time as when real estate India lagged other industries in using technology, the CEO of Clicbrics shifted the paradigm with the implementation of AI and Machine Learning Algorithms and came up with the idea of Clicworth. To save the consumers from the fraud by real estate agents and boost the economy of India, Clicbrics came up with the following points-

COVID-19 had a major contribution to disrupting the real estate industry. But with the help of technology, the difficulties and uncertainties arising in selling and buying a property in India have been eliminated. So this is how Clicworth has decreased the chance of getting tricked. 

Embracing New Opportunities of Real Estate India 

AI has a significant impact on the real estate market of India. Clicworth is an AI and Machine Learning property evaluator that identifies complex trends with the data sets and supports strategic decision-making. Clicbrics is reshaping the property purchase and management experience in a variety of ways-

  • Real-time transaction pricing 

  • Cutting down middlemen (real estate agents) in property purchasing 

  • Real-time inventory level 

  • Real-time neighborhood check 

The real estate industry is the world’s largest asset class, in which several frauds are expected to occur. They not only lower the morale of the potential buyer but also contribute to the economy’s fall. This is how digital real estate India secures and speeds up the real estate ecosystem.

The time of doing paperwork in real estate India is gone, leading to fewer discrepancies and money laundering. Clicbrics is aiming to reinvent the real estate buying and selling process. So, with the help of Clicworth, powered by an AI system and exclusive data, anyone can check the market value of any real estate without the intervention of fraud real estate agents.

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