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Gaurav Srivastava | 13 Feb 2023

5 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Dressing Table

5 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Dressing Table

Between makeup, skincare and accessories, there’s a lot of stuff which you want to grab quickly while getting ready. And when you have a disorganized dressing table, finding stuff when you're getting ready to go out can be frustratingly difficult sometimes. Here are some simple tips on how to decorate your dressing table where you can groom yourself.

1. Bedside table addition

If you have a small space, a dressing table might seem an extra thing. With limited space in homes, it is difficult to keep a whole actual dressing table and a bedside table. You can always combine the two to dress up the dressing table. Your alarm clock can adjust easily next to your decorative mirror.

2. Don't forget the flowers

The easiest way to decorate a dressing table is to add a flower vase. Flowers are always in and are a great way to create a more cheerful mood. A little vase full of fresh roses or some decorative lilies, makes the space feel "cheerful" and perfectly styled. Image Source - jewtopiamovie.com

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3. The mirror feature wall

If you are bored of staring at the mirror while you’re getting ready, you can always choose a mirror that coordinates with the photo frames. Arrange some pretty picture photo frames around your mirror to a dressing table feature wall. Just make sure everything's framed, properly. Image Source - drivenbydecor.com

4. Add more beauty with fairy lights

If you want to create something unique for your dressing table, try the classic theatre dressing room style. Buy some chunky fairy lights from the market and drape them around your mirror. 
Image Source - everylittlethingstudio.com

5. Use a tray for everything

When you’re getting ready in a rush, you want everything within reach. A simple trick is to contain the clutter in a tray. Use a decorative tray to separate makeup essentials from each other and any stuff that doesn’t fit can be stashed away in the drawers. It will make your space look cleaner.

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