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Gaurav Srivastava | 10 Feb 2023

How to Have a Pet-Friendly Home for 1st Time Home-Owners

How to Have a Pet-Friendly Home for 1st Time Home-Owners

Table of Content:

  1. Treat Their First Visit As Training
  2. Choose Flooring That Isn’t Slippery
  3. Use Upholstery And Carpets In Colors Similar To Your Pet
  4. Set Up A Terrace Bathroom
  5. Get Them Their Own Mini-Room
  6. Put Cables And Cleaners Out of Sight

Buying and moving into your first-ever home can be very stressful. Especially if you have someone who depends on you, like your furry friend. You don’t know how they’ll react to your new home and the surroundings. For first-time homeowners, this transition becomes harder as they are solely responsible for installing amenities for their pets.

But it doesn’t have to be as much of a struggle as it seems. There are a number of tips for homeowners with pets you can do to assist your fur baby in getting acquainted with their new home. These tips home owners with pets will make the transition into your new home easier for both you and your pet.

How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

1. Treat Their First Visit As Training

pet friendly home

The move to a new home is scary for a pet. They don’t understand whether this is their forever home or not. There are new rooms, furniture, and sounds, and the lighting has changed a lot. This can be unnerving for them.

To make sure they aren’t scared of their own home, we would suggest treating their first few days as training. This means, keeping treats handy. If you notice your dog is scared to enter a particular room, get a priest. Or you could simply train them with treats to make entering that room a positive experience instead of something to fear. 

Similarly, if they aren’t eating or drinking from their bowls placed in the new kitchen, either try moving the bowls next to a window or sit next to them as they take their meal. All of these actions will help them identify these experiences as safe and will help them relax in their own home.

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2. Choose Flooring That Isn’t Slippery

Tips for home owners with pets

As much as possible, choose the flooring that is anti-skid. They might not be able to communicate this to you but walking on slippery floors throughout the day is difficult for your fur babies.

In case you’re unable to select the flooring for your home and see your pet struggling, opt for extensive carpeting. However, don’t go all out and get wall-to-wall carpets. That’ll make any mishap by your pet a serious pain to clean up.

3. Use Upholstery And Carpets In Colors Similar To Your Pet

how to make your home pet friendly

We don’t need to tell you, that your fur baby sheds. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you’re well-acquainted with furballs all over your floor, furniture, and your linens. While they can’t help but shed all over the house, you can do a few things to make your house not look like a giant furball.

The first thing that you can and should do is groom your pets regularly. This will help reduce the shedding drastically. For the remainder of the issue, choose furniture upholstery and carpets in shades that, if not match, compliment your pet’s fur color.

It might be a little difficult to style an orange couch and carpet, but every home can use a splash of color.

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4. Set Up A Terrace Bathroom

how to have a pet friendly home

This is one of the most crucial tips for homeowners with pets if you’ve bought an apartment. There will be times when your pet would need to run out and do its business and you won’t be able to take them. Give them an option other than your expensive couch for those times. 

Set up a Porch Potty for your dogs on the balcony. It’s a simple product that can be bought online or offline at a good pet store. It might get a few trieid="Get_Them_Their_Own_Mini_Room"s and training to get them used to it but it’s well worth it. 

5. Get Them Their Own Mini-Room

Tips for Pet Friendly Home

Just like humans, pets need their cozy corners too. With a new house, you’ll be throwing a lot of housewarming parties, maybe your neighbors would like to stop by, or you’ll host friends and families for get-togethers at the new place. 

Through all of this, you can’t have your pet stuck in a room in a new place. Thus, create a corner for them with scratch posts, or pet furniture. This serves dual benefits. In case you have a fur baby that likes to destroy furniture, now you have easily replaceable cost-effective versions that they can have their way with.

Everyone wins.

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6. Put Cables And Cleaners Out of Sight

pet friendly home ideas

The most important thing that you need to do while setting up your new home to make it pet-friendly is to make sure your pet can’t accidentally harm themselves. 

This means putting away any breakable items they can cut themselves on. It also entails putting away toxic things like detergents and cleaners in places your pet can’t reach. Another hazard that you need to take care of is loose wires. Get cable protectors or use wire plugs to fasten them higher up on the walls. 


If you’re a first-time homeowner, these changes might seem overwhelming. However, we assure you they are every bit worth it to keep your furry friend happy and safe in the new home you share.


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