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Marketing Team | 09 Feb 2023

How To Bring Caribbean-Style Decor For Year-Round Tropical Bliss

How To Bring Caribbean-Style Decor For Year-Round Tropical Bliss

Living in a metro city but crave for some sunlight and relaxation? Then, bring the tropical paradise of the vibrant Caribbean atmosphere to your home. There is nothing more relaxing than incorporating tropical greenery, unforgettable hues and antique wooden pieces which can evoke the feel of the Caribbean. Here are some ideas to infuse your living space with some Caribbean-style decor.

Vibrant Colours

Caribbean-style decor

When it comes to choosing Caribbean colors, always think of vibrant colors because it radiates so much warmth and joyfulness! From radiant walls to vivid accents and accessories, think tropical. Incorporate shades of blue to bring a feel of sea and sky indoors. Also, you can keep your room simple and soothing with unexpected colors. Image Source - coastalliving.timeinc.net

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Crisp Textiles

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When it comes to selecting textiles in the Caribbean-style home, try to think crisp. Either as a background for colorful embroidered designs or as a contrast to other textiles in more saturated tones, white is definitely an undeniable choice. Sheer canopy fabric draped into curtains is a great way to evoke a Caribbean vibe. Image Source - beedly.com

Add Wooden Accents

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Using wooden accents into the Caribbean-style home brings a sense of depth, richness, and contrast. Rattan, bamboo, and woven pieces that add wooden accents to your living space are excellent choices for Caribbean-style home. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

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Tropical Greenery

Caribbean-style decors

When creating a true Caribbean feel, use the power of tropical greenery. Even if you are living in an area with lush blooms, it’s easy to purchase cut tropical greenery available year-round. Furthermore, this is a cost-effective and stylishly dramatic option. Image Source - aufaitliving.com

Seagrass Rug

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Tie your living space with some texture on the floor, like with the seagrass rug. The sand and beige tones add a holiday touch into your home and work well with a variety of different color palettes. Image Source - designnextdoor.net

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Exotic Prints


The Caribbean style is relaxed, warm & welcoming – it gives a feel of tropical vibes, Exotic and mismatched prints are the perfect way to incorporate Caribbean-style in the home. If you want something really unique, try a printed-fabric bedhead. amara.com


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