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Marketing Team | 25 Jan 2023

5 DIY Reading Nook Ideas for Every Type of Space

5 DIY Reading Nook Ideas for Every Type of Space

Reading nook is another place that allows you to showcase your personality and add character to a room. So toss out those preconceived ways of where to spend your time with your books and try one of these fun DIY reading nook ideas instead.

Built-In Library

DIY reading nook ideas

Well, relax! You don’t need to pay a contractor for this job, you just need to find a few screws and some wooden boards. Fix them to the wall and place all your favourite novels on them. Also, you will need a comfy couch right in the middle of your favourite books and some good light. It’s as easy as that! Image Source - adsttc.com

Reading Nook With A View

Reading area ideas

If you think that you are a free-spirited kind, then this is probably your favourite reading spot idea! Place a seat close to the window, use some sponge on top of an old mattress, a few books and a small table (if in case you want to take a sip of coffee while reading). Image Source - hometren.com

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A Quirky Wall

DIY reading nook idea

Creating a reading nook doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you are a fun-loving person, then your nook should completely reflect that! Try to use quirky wallpaper, powerful paint colour or just your very own artwork to make it a quirky wall. Image Source - goodhomes.wwmindia.com

The Reading Nest

Reading area idea

If you want to feel protected in a unique way, then you can re-use a barrel. It’s easy, chop it in half portion and use the half portion as a support for your reading nest. Use fake fur to cover the barrel with a few comfy and colourful pillows and you’re good to go! Image Source - home-designing.com

The Swing

home decor idea

Reading while swinging? Why not! All you need is a legless chair, a thick rope, and some screws. Attach the long rope ends to the ceiling, add a few pillows and that’s it. You’re all set to enjoy your reading time! Image Source - southernliving.timeinc.net

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