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Gaurav Srivastava | 06 Feb 2023

Tech Tools to Start Smart Gardening at Home

Tech Tools to Start Smart Gardening at Home

All of us are familiar and well aware of the benefits that smart technology lets us enjoy today. Its ease of use and convenience is working wonders all around the world. However, did we ever imagine a day when we could access even our house gardens with smart technology? 

So what is smart gardening? Let me just put it this way - technology is not just limited to smart gadgets and phone applications anymore. Technology can now help homeowners with maintaining and upgrading their garden too. Whether you are a lazy home gardener or want to increase the efficiency of gardening, smart technology is just the right choice for you and for everyone who owns a garden at home. 

We cannot do justice to the topic of smart gardening without mentioning some smart tools that could help. The list of smart tools that we have collected upon research is not just cost-effective but also aim to fulfil 3 major goals - 

  • Assisting you in gaining a better understanding of your outdoor garden through metrics and analytics 

  • Improving the overall condition of nature and the environment 

  • Ensuring your garden blooms and thrives at all times. 

Given below are a few tools that will help you start on your journey to creating your smart garden at home. Consider this as a starting point and a guide you can refer to whenever you feel stuck. 

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Smart Soil Sensors 

Your garden is a lost battle if you do not get the type and nature of soil right. Through analysis of data and practical observation, the smart soil sensor tool gives you a full report of the kind of soil your garden needs from time to time. Additionally, you will also get an instant notification on your phone when your plants need to be fed or watered. In case any of your plants are experiencing any issues in growing or blooming, you will get a customized report with its reasons for stunted growth. 

Robotic Lawn Mowers 

Ever heard of robotic vacuum cleaners that help you create your home a smart home? Robotic Lawn Mowers serve the same purpose but in the garden. Lawn cutting is a tedious process and needs to take place in carefully thought intervals. These mowers can come to use on a sunny day and save you undue sweat! 

Expandable Pots 

These smart pots can expand and resize themselves according to the needs and requirements of the plant growing inside them. With the help of this, you will never have to purchase different pots of different sizes.

Smart Sprinklers 

These sprinklers can be used to schedule irrigation and to adjust to the changing weather/climate. They are smart in a way that these sprinklers can also inform you of any leaks and breaks. Added advantages are that they also save water and can be accessed from the comfort of your phone or computer! 

Solar Parasol 

This smart gardening tool is a combo that provides both convenience and fun! You can save your garden from extreme weather conditions with just a push of a button. The smart parasol not only works as a shelter but most of them also light up in the evening, giving your garden a whole new homely and lively look. 

Garden WiFi Booster 

This tool is not entirely relevant to your garden activities but is also probably the most important. All the smart tools that you decide to use for your smart garden will not function without a strong internet connection. The best part is that you do not need to install a new connection for this and it can be linked with your home wifi itself. 

You cannot use just one or all tools to smarten your garden. It all comes down to your personal preferences and the specific needs of your house garden. Once you spend a little more time understanding what your garden is lacking and in what ways it can be made more efficient, you will have an answer to the kind of tools that will be the best suitable for your garden. 

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We hope these tools will come in handy when you finally decide to automate your garden and smarten your outside space to give it a whole new look! 


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