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Marketing Team | 22 Feb 2023

Indoor Plants that will Add Extra Greenery to Your Home

Indoor Plants that will Add Extra Greenery to Your Home

Even if someone is not too fond of gardening or greenery, house plants have a way of finding a place in both your heart and home! Whether you have a house that is not too big or one that is no less than a mansion, plants are important in all kinds of homes. A tinge of greenery around your home will not only freshen up parts of the house but will also give a unique look to the overall aesthetics. Believe it or not, plants can make us feel at ease and release our stress and pressure in more ways than one. They are believed to significantly purify the air and promote a positive mood in and around wherever they are placed. 

Many of us have wanted to grow plants at home for the longest time, but are too worried about the care and time that they require. You would be happy to know that houseplants are more durable than you may think. There are some houseplants that even if neglected, find a way to survive and thrive! Whether you lack gardening experience or are not too sure about how to care for these houseplants, these are no valid reasons to come in the way of you feeling in touch with nature without having to step outside. 

It is not easy to find indoor plants that will not just add greenery to your home but will also survive for long periods. For this reason, we have come up with a list of 10 houseplants that are a combination of both tiny as well as full-grown plants. Be it your level of experience, the amount of space you can spare at home, or your tastes and preferences - the list includes plants of all kinds! 

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1. Pothos

This is the kind of houseplant that is impossible to kill. It has the longest vines and looks best when hung from tall ceilings. Pothos does just fine in low light conditions and only needs watering when dry. It is also known as the “devil’s ivy” because of its hardiness and ability to survive in the harshest of conditions. 

2. Jade Plant 

This plant has round leaves and is flexible in terms of how much you want it to grow. The best part is that this plant can survive for more than a month even if not given any water or sunlight. Once you start watering it, it rehydrates itself and thrives. The most suitable location for this plant is next to a sunny window, preferably facing in the South or West direction.  

3. Spider Plants 

This plant has the kind of leaves that are curved and grow from anywhere and everywhere. You can use a hanging planter to place these and enjoy the best results. All you need to do is occasional water the plant and look at it work its magic on its own! 

4. Dracaena Gold Star

We all have corners in our homes that often look empty, probably because we do not know how to decorate them or have just not had the time to go out and buy suitable decor items. In this case, the dracaena gold star is both an easy and interesting way to fill up this space. It is not just low maintenance but can also adapt to both low and high-light environments

5. Snake Plant 

Do you fear killing your houseplant just within a few days of you purchasing it? Well, the snake plant makes sure you get rid of this fear! These are some of the most low-maintenance plants and can thrive in any environment. If you are a newbie and want to try your hand at growing a beautiful plant, the snake plant is the one for you.

6. Aloe vera

These houseplants do not just serve one purpose. Did you know that Aloe Vera is also a known ingredient for taking care of your skin routine naturally? These are so flexible that they can adapt to any kind of condition and look good in any home interior. Preferably place aloe vera in cactus soil and amidst bright light. 

7. Rubber Tree

There exist people among us who want to bring about greenery in their homes but do not like the leafy vibe that plants give out. The rubber tree is the perfect fit for this kind! The rubber tree is extremely compact and grows uniquely. It is the kind of plant that likes to be isolated and grows best if given a lot of space around it. 

8. ZZ Plant 

ZZ Plant is known to be the best housewarming gift for anyone who has recently bought and shifted to a new home. It has bright green long leaves and is drought tolerant. Many cultures believe that this plant is known for inviting friendship, prosperity, and happiness wherever it grows. 

9. Albuca Frizzle Sizzle 

The leaves and look of this plant are known for their quirkiness and spring-like shape structure. The best part is that it looks good with any interior and can be easily placed anywhere in the house. Moreover, it does not take much time to bloom and when it does bloom, it gives off a scent that is pleasant and vanilla-like. 

10. Asparagus Fern

This plant is extremely fluffy and is one of the most popular in the fern family. Whether you keep it in a bright spot or place it in a dark corner, asparagus fern is either way guaranteed to thrive. It looks best placed in a ceramic vase, and all it needs is moist soil. 

Whether you would like to just begin with one plant and see how it goes, or pick a combination of them to add to your home decor interior, the decision is completely yours. Whatever it is that you decide, we can assure you that each of these plants will significantly improve the environment of your home. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and upgrading your home decor vibe once in a while! 

Finally, we want you to get rid of the mindset that you need to be some kind of a plant expert to grow plants at home, and encourage you to take the first step towards adding greenery to your home.  Give it a few weeks, and see for yourself how you feel a positive change in your lifestyle and overall mood!

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