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Marketing Team | 23 Jan 2023

Get Space-Smart with Different Eat-In Kitchen Styles

Get Space-Smart with Different Eat-In Kitchen Styles

Whether your home is lacking space for a separate dining room or you simply wish to have an eat-in kitchen spot, our space-smart solutions will suit your need. Check out the different eat-in kitchen styles! Image Source - curatahome.com​

Not Just A Great Socialising Spot, The Kitchen Island Is An Ideal Eat-In Kitchen Area

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Most of your kitchen conversations with other family members undeniably take place on the kitchen island while chopping vegetables or doing other work. This essential feature can be used as a dining space as well. You just need to add a few stools or chairs and declutter the island. Place some hearty meals on it and you are good to go. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

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Let's Get More Innovative With The Kitchen Island

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Why just add a few chairs when you have the scope of turning your kitchen island into a much bigger dining area? You surely can do it by using one side of your kitchen island and adjust a bench to it. Extend it by adding a table and some more chairs. This space-smart idea will fit in around eight to ten people at once. Image Source - hips.hearstapps.com​

A Table For Two

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Even the smallest kitchen spaces can accommodate a table for two. It is sizeable enough to fulfil the purpose of one of two people living in a small apartment. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

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A Couch Nook To Make Your Mealtime More Comfortable

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Set up a couch nook in the kitchen and sit in the most comfortable position when relishing your meal. This comfort zone in the kitchen is also perfect for intimate conversations with your loved ones. Setting up a couch nook by a window is even better and enjoyable. Image Source - hips.hearstapps.com​ 


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