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Simar Nagi | 14 Mar 2023

eLabharthi: Bihar’s Payment-Related Information & Services Platform

eLabharthi: Bihar’s Payment-Related Information & Services Platform

Table of Contents

  1. The Objective of eLabharthi
  2. Benefits of the eLabharthi Bihar Portal
  3. Features of the eLabharthi Portal
  4. 5 Pension Schemes Available on eLabharthi Bihar Portal
  5. Steps to Login to e-labharthi Bihar Portal
  6. Steps to Check the Pension Approval Status on eLabharthi Bihar portal
  7. Steps to Check Elabharthi Payment Status In Bihar
  8. Steps to Check the Status of Life Certificate on eLabharthi Bihar Portal
  9. Steps to Download the e-labharthi App
  10. Helpline Contact Details on eLabharthi Bihar portal

The eLabharthi is a scheme that the Government of Bihar launched to provide benefits to certain people in the community, like widowed, disabled, and elderly citizens, along with some monetary support. The benefits furnished under the scheme/platform include the Vidhwa Pension, the Viklangta Pension, and the Vridhavastha Pension. 

Widows aged between 45 and 59 below the poverty line are eligible to access the Vidhwa Pension benefits. While the Viklangta Pension aims to provide monetary assistance to disabled citizens not listed in Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS), the Vridhavastha Pension benefits senior citizens (aged 60 & above) who are not availing any government subsidies. 

To understand more in-depth about the scheme/platform, continue reading this blog and discover its benefits, services, and pension payment status process.

The Objective of ELabharthi

Information related to eLabharthi schemes is available on the (e-labharthi) portal and is widely accessible. The portal is designed to specifically provide users with information about the status of their applications, payment status, and payment history. Moreover, updates regarding demographics are also offered on this official portal. For this, you would be required to update your eLabharthi KYC details on the portal.  

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Benefits of The ELabharthi Bihar Portal

  • All elabharthi pension-related services are available online. No more hassle of visiting government offices.

  • The eLabharthiportal gives eligible pensioners access to their elabharthi pension payment status online through any digital device like a laptop or cell phone. 

  • People having elabharthi pension-related troubles can resolve their queries via helpline numbers mentioned in the portal.

  • Users can link their phone numbers to their Aadhaar numbers without having to visit the office.

  • The eLabharthi portal keeps track of all the recipients and installment status.

Features of The ELabharthi Portal

The below-mentioned features are available on the elabharthi Bihar (frequently mentioned as e-labharthi)  portal. 

  • The Public Financial System Report (PFMS) is for all pensioners.

  • Digital Sign Reports.

  • e-labharthi scheme eligibility.

  • Life certificate status and updates

  • Beneficiary List by District/Block/Panchayat

  • Verified Aadhaar Report

  • KYC status update

  • Easy access to mobile applications

  • Aadhaar Jeevan Praman Authenticated/Unauthenticated Beneficiary List

  • Jeevan Praman Finger/ARISH List

  • Pending Jeevan Praman's List

5 Pension Schemes Available On ELabharthi Bihar Portal

The below-mentioned schemes are offered on the eLabharthi portal:

  1. Bihar State Disabled Pension Scheme 

  2. Indira Gandhi Disabled Pension Scheme 

  3. Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme 

  4. Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme 

  5. The Laxmi Bas Social Security Pension Scheme 

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Steps To Login To E-labharthi Bihar Portal 

Step 1: Go to the official eLabharthi Bihar website.

Step 2: At the bottom of the page, you can choose from the three options available based on your preference.

Step 3: If you choose the first link, you will be redirected to the page where you can find the login option on the top right. There you will find separate logins for the helpdesk, headquarters, district/block, and CSC. You can choose the one applicable to you, provide your login details and get started.

Steps to Check the Pension Approval Status On ELabharthi Bihar portal 

Follow the instructions mentioned below to check your eLabharthi pension approval status:

Step 1:Visit the eLabharthi Bihar portal.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the portal and click on the first link.

Step 3: After being redirected to the new window, select the Payment Report from the top menu and then click on the Beneficiary Status.

Step 4: Mention your district, block, beneficiary ID, or account number. You will be able to access the elabharthi pension status.

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Steps To Check Elabharthi Payment Status In Bihar

Step 1: Visit the eLabharthi portal.

Step 2: Choose the first login channel available on the bottom left corner of the page.

Step 3: Once redirected, select the elabharthi payment status "Bihar" under the beneficiary status from the payment report section.

Step 4: Mention the district, block, beneficiary ID, or account number, and you will get the elabharthi payment status of Bihar.

Steps to Check The Status of Life Certificate On ELabharthi Bihar Portal

Follow the below-mentioned steps to the elabharthi status of the life certificate

Step 1: Visit the official eLabharthi portal.

Step 2: Click on Link 1.

Step 3: Once redirected, click on the link to check the status of your life certificate. 

Step 5: Mention your district, block information, and click "Check the Status."

Step 6: You will have to fill in the mandatory information.

Step 7: Choose the "Show" option to display the status on your device. 

Steps To Download The E-labharthi App

The simplest way to download the eLabharthi app is to download it from the app store. For that, just simply search for "Pension eLabharthi Bihar." However, an option is also available on the website to download the app. 

Follow the below steps to learn about them: 

Step 1: Go to e-labharthi Bihar's website.

Step 2: Look for "eLabharthi link 1" on the homepage and select the mobile app option from the download section.

Step 3: The mobile app of eLabharthi will be downloaded to your phone. 

Helpline Contact Details on eLabharthi Bihar portal

If the user faces any discrepancy or difficulty accessing the pension service on the platform, they may contact the eLabharthi helpline at the below-mentioned number or send an e-mail.

  • 1800 345 6262 is the elabharthi toll-free number 

  • elabharthihelp2@gmail.com is the email address.

Check out the website of eLabharthi now for more services-related information.


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