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Simar Nagi | 05 Apr 2023

eGram Swaraj Portal : Login To Find Village & Panchayat Information

eGram Swaraj Portal : Login To Find Village & Panchayat Information

Table of Content:

  1. e Gram Swaraj Portal​​
  2. e Gram Swaraj Portal: Highlights
  3. eGram Swaraj: Mobile Application
  4. e Gram Swaraj Portal: Advantages
  5. eGram Swaraj: Registration Process
  6. Steps For The eGram Swaraj Registration Process
  7. Steps_to_View_the_Local_Government_Profilee Gram Swaraj: Steps to View the Local Government Profile
  8. eGram Swaraj: Steps To Check The Beneficiary Report

The decentralised planning process, progress reporting, financial management, work-based accounting, and information about the assets developed are all completely transparent - thanks to the e gram swaraj website. The eGram Swaraj website and app were launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the National Panchayati Raj Day, celebrated on the 24th of April every year.

e Gram Swaraj Portal​

The Gram Panchayat Development Plan governs all aspects of the work done by gram panchayats, from planning to implementation, through the use of the internet portal known as e-Swaraj Gram. The Ministry of Panchayat Raj's e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project includes the e-Gram Swaraj 4 portal launch. Users can access the e gram swaraj portal in the Hindi language as well.

e Gram Swaraj Portal: Highlights

  • The e Gram Swaraj Portal has assisted in the complete digitisation of rural areas and villages.

  • It is conveniently accessible via the official website or app.

  • Any user can obtain comprehensive information regarding the development strategies and activities in any Indian village.

  • Users can learn about recent initiatives conducted by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

  • The only digital platform in the nation that keeps track of all panchayats is the e gram swaraj app.

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eGram Swaraj: Mobile Application

The Google Play Store is where one may obtain the e gram swaraj application. Users of the app will be able to monitor the Panchayati Raj Institutions' actions as they proceed.

  • After opening the app, select your "State," "Zilla Parishad," "Taluk Panchayat," and "Gram Panchayat".

  • Select "Submit."

  • To view the details of the gram panchayat, first choose the "Financial Year" and then click on "ER Details," "Approved Activities," or "Financial Progress”.

e Gram Swaraj Portal: Advantages

The e-Gram Swaraj portal will provide the below-mentioned services.

  1. The eGram swaraj 3 portal facilitates decentralised planning on development projects and provides regular updates while ensuring transparency.

  2. On the entire eGram Swaraj portal or mobile application, one may examine the state of work and ongoing development initiatives by the panchayats, such as the allocation of cash for different projects, etc.

  3. On the e gram swaraj webpage, you can get information about Panchayat Sachiv and Panch, Panchayat Development Plan, and Mission Ayodhya.

  4. With the help of the eGram swaraj 1 portal, the user can also access information related to the activities of the Panchayat, their information, development plans, and the works of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

  5. The task of maintaining records will be simplified because of the Gram Swaraj portal, and projects will be speedily implemented.

eGram Swaraj: Registration Process

Without logging on to the eGram portal, citizens can view the financial progress reports and approved panchayat plans through the e-Gram panchayat system. The state agency either approves or rejects the request for the formation of an e-GRAM swaraj login after the PRIs, or Panchayati Raj Institutions, submit the data into the systems.

Steps For The eGram Swaraj Registration Process

Step 1: Visit the portal to do egram.

Step 2: Locate the "Login" option, which can be seen on the top right-hand side of the website.

Step 3: Mention your username and password, fill in the captcha code, and click on "log in".

In this way, the egram login process will be completed in three steps.

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e Gram Swaraj: Steps to View the Local Government Profile

Step 1: Visit the e Gram swaraj portal and click on the “Panchayat Profile Link”.

Step 2: Click on the "Committee & Committee Member Details' link to get the relevant details.

Step 3: Click on "Local Government Profile" to view it.

Step 4: Once directed to the next page, select the state and panchayat level, then enter the captcha code. Now click on “Get Data”.

eGram SwarajSteps To Check The Beneficiary Report

Step 1: Go to https://egramswaraj.gov.in/ 

Step 2: Select "Beneficiary Report”.

Step 3: Select one of the Panchayat- and land-based options.

Step 4: Select the name of the scheme, its counterpart for the gram panchayat, and its equivalent.

Step 5: Complete the captcha and select "Get Report”. In this form, you will get the details on the eGram Swaraj website. 

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