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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Easy 7 Steps to Check the Construction Quality of Your New Home

Easy 7 Steps to Check the Construction Quality of Your New Home

The time has come when many real estate developers have started competing in the market to offer potential customers multiple residential properties at suitable prices. But before buying, it is mandatory for the buyer to check that the construction is of good quality. If you are a homebuyer, a house construction quality checklist is your responsibility. When investing in an under-construction project, simply relying on the words of real estate developers isn't enough one should check and measure the construction quality of the project. We know the fact that a house construction quality checklist is a big task which is why we will tell you in this blog how to take a quality test. 

7 easy steps to check the construction quality-

Investigate the soil 

The type of soil on which your residence is prepared is very crucial. As the soil differs from place to place. Each kind of soil determines whether it can bear the foundation of a high rise. There are soils like clay-rich soil and black cotton soil that are not recommended for the construction of a residential property. It is because these soils have the tendency to expand, swell, and shrink depending on the moisture. So, the soil is examined before the construction process even begins. If something feels not right, you can always ask the real estate developers to provide you with a copy of the test. 

Verify the design of the building structure 

It is not easy for everyone to understand the structural design of the building. It is advisable to seek the help of an expert to determine the design created by your real estate developers and architects. Determining the structure design is also mandatory to assess whether or not the property has the strength to withstand earthquakes of a certain magnitude. 

Remember to gauge the concrete quality 

Checking the concrete mixture is equally mandatory and will help you determine the load a structure can withstand. Real estate developers usually check the quality and strength of the concrete. But if the issue arises about preparing the mixture and checking the concrete every time, one can always choose ready mix concrete as an alternative. 

Checking up the wall thickness

When the layout agreement is prepared, the real estate developers mention the width of the walls. So, take a tour of the construction site in order to check if the developer has actually put them into practice. During the inspection, use any key and press it against the wall. If the key makes a hole in the wall, it simply means that the developer has used low-quality material. Another thing you can do is tap with your knuckles to check the kind of sounds it makes. This will help you determine the hollowness of the wall. 

Ensure the safety features 

You need to check whether or not all the safety measures are taken by the developer. Check for earthquake resistance safety, emergency evacuation, or even fire exit. Monitor the size and space of the stairway of your property. Keep in mind, it should be wide enough for two people to run alongside, in case of emergency. 

Check up on paint and plastering quality 

Check the plastering on the outer walls of the building. If you see any uneven cracks on the wall plastering, then you must know that your developer has not put the good quality of the building construction material. The paint is the very first thing people notice, so the quality of paint should be on the house construction quality checklist. A good quality of paint used on the walls is an indication of the longevity of the walls and wooden spaces. 

Examine the elevators 

Elevators are the most important thing to check as in many cases where elevators fall is because of poor maintenance or improper installation. Whichever elevator has been decided by your developer you need to check for the license and maintenance strategies on your own. For a single tower, one service lift is sufficient. Also, check the capacity, in case of high rises, it should have sufficient space to accommodate more people in an elevator in a single trip. 

It is very easy for builders and developers to allure the buyers with the marketing strategies, offering them top-quality facilities and top-notch materials. If you are looking for a comfortable stay, then longevity, durability, and robustness are mandatory. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, then you will be able to scrutinize construction quality. 

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