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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Best Indian Cities for You to Invest in Land 2022

Best Indian Cities for You to Invest in Land 2022

For decades, investing in real estate has been considered extremely important. Indeed more and more people are looking to invest in land where fewer risk factors are involved. However, in 2022 it is important to consider a few best cities for real estate investment. As this year is expected to undergo many significant changes in terms of people entering to invest in land all over India. Those people who are looking for the best cities for real estate investment for the very first time should know that the year 2022 has some quite interesting prospects waiting. With the initiative taken by the government of India, the real estate sector is booming with benefits. 

No matter how thorough you are with your research you certainly need to give ample time when looking for the best cities for real estate investment. To bring ease to you, we have devoted our time to bringing you the best cities for real estate investment. The cities were created based on factors like opportunities for employment, infrastructure, connectivity, environmental sustainability, socio-political stability, healthcare, education facilities, safety, and security. To ensure accuracy these factors will help you develop the best city to invest in land purchase. 

Best cities for real estate investment 2022


Growth of about 2-4% is expected in Ahmedabad’s real estate market. A significant increase in a variety of housing and apartment complexes has been observed after the pandemic. Around 47% of the construction of luxury homes and villas is being done in Ahmedabad East. Many ongoing projects are expected to start while The Ahmedabad Smart City Project has already been started after this, the city will be considered among the top 20 smart cities all across India. Many MNCs and IT companies have started establishing their base in Ahmedabad. For education facilities, Ahmedabad has St Xaviers College, IIM, and BJ while for healthcare the city offers top hospitals like Apollo, Sterling, Shalby Hospital Care Institute of Medical Science, etc. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has announced to build approx 6800 hectares of land for the people who are looking to invest in land in Ahmedabad. The wide range of properties will be affordable and will offer good residential housing options. 

Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is one of the best cities for real estate investment. The construction of Navi Mumbai Airport is going to be completed by 2024. It is going to generate more employment options. The new hub for real estate investment i.e. Navi Mumbai will offer hospitals like Apollo, Reliance, and Terna Hospital. For education, the city has some amazing colleges like Pillai’s College of Engineering, MGM College, and Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology. The city has started working for the economically weaker section and middle-class group. as Navi Mumbai plans to provide a housing scheme of a minimum of 90000 flats 


If you are looking to invest in land in Kolkata, then the North and South parts should be given preference. As these places have become a hub for real estate investment. For decades, Kolkata is known to have the most affordable housing. The infrastructure facilities of this city are continuously growing which makes it a great place to invest in land. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Science, Apollo, and Medica Superspeciality Hospital is very well known. Because Agro Industries, Steel and Mining, Food processing and IT companies are the reason why the employment rate has started to begin. 


The city of Pearl is a combination of low housing costs and high-quality infrastructure. Thus Hyderabad has become the best city to invest in land. The city connects to main highways like NH6, NH44, NH65, and NH163. The government has initiated an ecosystem for existing and upcoming entrepreneurs. People who are shifting to this city in search of work are finding the modern infrastructure in terms of housing quite soothing. 


The city is predicted to provide a better rate of interest in 2022 on all kinds of properties. For years, Noida has been the most preferred choice in terms of real estate investment. The reason behind such high demand is primarily because of its well-developed infrastructure and well-planned infrastructure. The Jewar airport will be majorly contributing as its proximity to all the preferred hubs will improve the standard of living. The city offers Felix, Noida Surbhi Hospital, and some other famous hospitals. The city also contributes to the education sector by offering Noida International University, Birla Institute of Management Technology, and many more. Noida has now become an employment hub, earlier it was Gurgaon but now all the charm is shifted to Noida. MNCs like Genpact, HCL Infotech, and IBM are some of the top companies. The Delhi Development Authority launched a housing scheme in 2021 to build over 1300 apartments and plans to increase in 2022. 

These are the top-5 best cities for real estate investment. Real estate is not a gamble when it comes to investment. The decision cannot be made in haste. So, this year will provide ample opportunities, and these five cities should be the best option to invest in land. 

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