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Aarushi | 06 Feb 2023

Home Defects That May Make You Regret Being A Homeowner

Home Defects That May Make You Regret Being A Homeowner

Home inspections are a huge part of buying a home. If you disagree with us, let us change your mind. When you buy a home, you might have a budget in mind to set it up as per your liking. This budget can get stretched too thin when a buyer fails to have a home inspection conducted and later finds issues that keep coming back.

These issues are hard to get rid of once a home has been fully constructed, and need major remodelling projects to completely get rid of. Listed below are some of the issues that you need to check on before buying a home to ensure you don’t hate your new purchase.

Waterlogged Walls

Waterlogged walls are walls that have water pockets stored in between them. If that doesn’t ring a bell, the Hindi word ‘Seelan’ definitely would. 

If you have ever had the issue of damp walls in your home, you would know that it doesn’t just go away. Unless treated properly by creating a thin barrier between a wall and the water that might run over it, a waterlogged wall is something that will be a constant in your new home. 

A lot of times, previous owners might try to conceal this water damage by putting fresh paint before putting the house on the market. This is why an inspection is necessary as it would point out this issue instantly.

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Persistent Smells

Drawing from our previous point, smells are also a thing that might not leave your house easily.

Even a waterlogged wall will make your home smell. Surely cleaning your home is a good way to battle this issue, but if a smell persists, you must get either deep cleaning done or find a home inspector that can help you figure out what’s causing it and how you can get rid of it.

Faulty Plumbing and Wiring

Do we even need to elaborate on why faulty plumbing and wiring are a strict no-no for a safe home? The issue here isn’t that faulty plumbing or wiring can’t be corrected. The issue is that it will never be completely resolved if the house construction is complete. While setting up the plumbing and wiring for a home, it is easier to fix any earthing or functional issues. However, once the lines have been laid, it becomes an astronomical task to chip away at the already constructed walls to get to the plumbing or wiring issue.

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No or Little Sunlight and Ventilation

During Covid, surveys found that people preferred houses with more sunlight and ventilation. This is because staying at home during Covid made people realize the importance of having a healthy and fresh home. 

Sunlight and ventilation are crucial parts for an individual to feel energised and your house must facilitate this need. Also, in case a house lacks either or both of these criteria, it is almost near impossible to get this issue corrected without major renovations.

Unfinished Furnishes

Furnishes are things like the door or window frames, tiling, wallpaper, taps, showerheads etc. If a house has loose taps, window or door frames that have not been sanded, or titling that has been broken, consider it a red flag.

This is a sign for you to take a deeper look at whether you can fix the property in such a condition. If you feel up to the task, go ahead and buy it. If you don’t then remember that such a state of maintenance indicates a deeper issue with how the property might not be strong enough to stand for long.

Pests and Rodents

Pests and rodents are the subjects of a nightmare for homeowners. While rodents are easier to deal with and can be kept out using various methods, pests are a whole different story. 

Pests can eat away at the foundation of your home, and even your furnishings and make your home vulnerable to more pesky things you would like to keep out. 

However, a regular spray of anti-pest and rodent sprays and other similar medicines around your house can help keep your home free of them.

Issues in the Foundation or Build

This is one of the most severe issues of all on this list. Foundation issues can mean your house might not withstand the test of time or nature. These foundation issues can be caused due to pre-existing mistakes while the construction of the house took place. They can also be caused by other issues like leaky plumbing releasing water into the foundation or pests weakening the foundation of the house.

Either way, make sure you get a professional to check on the foundation of the home you’re interested in as this might be an issue that does not have too many solutions or even permanent solutions.

We really hope that you pay close attention to these issues when you go to buy a new house. In case you don’t, you might end up regretting your purchase. As time progresses these issues will only get worse and the solutions more expensive. This is why we suggest dealing with the above-mentioned issues right away as you face them.

In case you already own a house that has any of these persistent issues, getting in an expert to save the house from any further damage is the best move. 

Anyhow, precaution is better than cure. This means it’s best to ensure you make provisions to deal with these issues as you construct your house or as you look at various new or old builds to call your new home.

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