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Gaurav Srivastava | 10 Mar 2023

Benefits of Lord Buddha Statues and their Right Place at Your Home

Benefits of Lord Buddha Statues and their Right Place at Your Home

Buddhism has caught pace among urban Indians at present. Most professionals live a stressful life and practicing Buddhism has enabled them to live a calmer life. Along with chanting Buddhist mantras, the statue of Lord Buddha and other elements from the religion is highly believed to offer peace in life and home. Some find the practice soothing, while others feel a sense of inner strength.

1. Hand gestures are known as Mudras in Buddhism

Different Postures of Lord Buddha Statues

"Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo" is the most popular chant among Buddhists. Whether chanting Buddhist mantras regularly or not, one can always look forward to placing Lord Buddha idols in his/her home. The followers are known to use a series of hand gestures in their meditation. These fascinating hand gestures, also known as Mudras have specific meanings and connotations, differing from each other. 

2. Wondering what different Mudras mean?


It's always thoughtful to know the meaning of different hand gestures before one decides to buy an idol of Lord Buddha. We are delighted to share their meanings and where to place them at your home. Starting with Abhaya Mudra as this idol should be ideally placed at the main entrance of your home, this gesture signifies peace and the energy of protection from negativity to the entire home. 

3. Easily get distracted? Dhyana Mudra will solve your issue

vastu tips

Dhyana, literally meaning concentration is a gesture using thumbs to create the triangle and upturned hands overlapping one another. The triangular shape is believed to work on circling of energy and cleansing impurities. Hence, keeping an idol of Lord Buddha in Dhyana Mudra in the meditation room or centre of your home will allow you to meditate and connect with your inner self.

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4. Call it Namaskara Mudra, Anjali Mudra, or Hridayanjali Mudra - All mean one gesture

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Similar to greeting someone with 'Namaskaar", Anjali Mudra is the humblest gesture with pressed palms and hands held at heart level. The main entrance or living room is the area where your guests come in direct contact and are likely to be seated. Hence, placing Lord Buddha's Anjali Mudra idol in these places at your home would give a warm welcome and inviting vibe to your guests.

5. Karan Mudra has a strong influence on banishing evil energies

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Karan Mudra is meant to fight negativity. Hence, do not keep it in the areas of your home which are already full of activities and people. A glimpse of the Karan Mudra idol might give them a sense of negativity. Keep it in areas that are less active. If you feel a particular room needs warding off the bad energies, place it near a window of that room from where the bad energies would go away.

6. Uttarabodhi Mudra - it signifies supreme enlightenment

Lord Buddha Statues

The suggestion for placing an Uttarabodhi Mudra idol is just the opposite of the Karan Mudra idol. As it signifies supreme enlightenment, you should place it in a high flow of energy spot in your home and let all be influenced by the gesture. Living room for instance. Performing this mudra eventually evokes a sense of unshaken unity and confidence in an individual.
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