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Marketing Team | 28 Feb 2023

Become A Culinary Hero With Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

Become A Culinary Hero With Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

There's something so magical about the way herbs make the food taste, isn't it? Basil, mint, and coriander are some of the herbs that we can't do without. So, why purchase them regularly when you can grow right where you need them? It is indeed possible to grow your favourite herbs in the kitchen. Pick any idea from our list and design a kitchen herb garden right away! Image Source - homebnc.com

1. Bring out the old glass jars

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Pat yourself on the back if you haven't discarded the jars because the kitchen herb garden idea that we are gonna share primarily needs those jars. Clean the jars thoroughly and fill them with potting soil. Select only those herbs that can thrive in a jar. To add more to the decor, place mini boards to mention the names of the herbs and arrange the jars in a box. Image Source - i.pinimg.com 

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2. How about teacups for your kitchen herb garden?

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When you buy herbs from the market, the fresh ones are expensive while some of them are available only in the dry form. By having a herb garden of your own, you let go of all those worries. The easiest way to design a herb garden is by making use of the old teacups. They will be a great choice as pots in your garden. Pluck fresh herbs from your teacup pots whenever you cook. 

3. Get creative with curtain rods

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Struggling to find a space in your kitchen to set up a herb garden? Consider the window space where you can install curtain rods. Pots attached to the curtain rods will give an overall look of a hanging herb garden. Another benefit of designing the garden by the window side is the sufficient amount of sunlight the herbs will receive. Take proper care and water them well. Image Source-homebnc.com

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4. The kitchen island can also be your herb garden

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Be it chopping vegetables, socialising, or dining, the kitchen island has always been a favourite multi-purpose spot in the kitchen. And it doesn't stop here. One can grow herbs in it as well. Give a touch of greenery to the kitchen island by designing a mini herb garden on its surface. Image Source - decoist.com


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