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09 Apr 2021

Vertical Garden Ideas To beautify Your Home

Vertical Garden Ideas To beautify Your Home

Have an empty wall? It's time to make the best use of it by adding plants and turning it into a vertical garden. The trend is making headlines, especially among the plant lovers who live in small apartments and often lack space. With so many plants ideal for growing indoors, it won't take you much effort to grow a green thumb. Follow our Vertical Garden Ideas. Image Source - we-heart.com

Try the minimal way to make your wall green

Vertical gardening isn’t difficult, especially when you try the minimal way. A little inspiration with a few indoor plants will do wonders for your empty vertical space. Hang them on the wall. The revamped green wall will certainly uplift the overall decor of your home. Image Source - mymove.com

A steel mesh is perfect to build a vertical garden

People are loving the trend of filling their homes with plants a lot these days. Plants smell good and are great for air quality. Building a vertical garden at your home does require some gardening accessories. The idea of incorporating a steel mesh to hang the plants vertically is cool. Either attach it to the wall or place it somewhere else. Image Source - lanaredstudio.com​

All about growing succulents vertically

Succulents usually have a shallow root system and do not require intensive care. Hence, they can grow well within a few inches of depth in a vertical arrangement. An assortment of succulents will be even more attractive. Arrange the succulents in a wooden box and hang them as a frame on the wall. Image Source - verticalwalls.com

Set up a vertical garden with a flower stand

Flowers and plants add value to your life by enriching your day-to-day lifestyle with positivity and health benefits. For those who crave greenery at home; a vertical garden is a perfect solution. A flower stand made of wooden or iron will make a beautifully arranged vertical garden at your home. Image Source - graspsense.com



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