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Marketing Team | 27 Jan 2023

Add Plants, Flowers and Herbs To Your Home Decor

Add Plants, Flowers and Herbs To Your Home Decor

In a world dominated by stones and concrete, how about adding indoor plants and fresh flowers to your home? This time, we bring the decor ideas with a hint of natural greenery within the territory of your home. The benefits go beyond just aesthetics. Let's refer the Mother Nature for some decorating help. Make your home environment a lot healthier with the following Plants, Flowers, and Herbs: 

1. Orchids

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Orchid is a favourite among stylists and interior designers because of its bright and engaging colours. With an extra pop of colour, Orchid provides health and aromatherapy benefits. Place them wherever you wish to in your home, they bound to make a statement that draws the eye and brightens the room. Take good care, and you can keep the Orchids for a longer time. 

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2. Succulents And Cacti

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Wish to have a reminder of nature? Succulents and Cacti are the best as low maintenance houseplants. They help keep fresh air and remove toxins from the environment while providing calmness, relaxation, and intensive healing issues. Having them around also improves the mood and concentration. They can live anywhere and add a bit of greenery and visual interest to your home space. 

3. Pothos

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This plant isn't the flashiest one in the world, but its trailing stems look pretty on a shelf or from a hanging basket. You don't need to water it every day. In fact, water it whenever you can remember, and it would still survive. Pothos tend to grow quickly in cool temperatures will low levels of sunlight. It contains compounds toxic to cats and dogs. So, better place them out of their reach. 

4. Indian Basil

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Most commonly known as Tulsi, this plant thrives at little-to-no maintenance. It helps in purifying the air and improves air quality. Regular sunlight is a must. Therefore, keep it nearby a sunny window. Basil needs to be watered regularly, but be sure not to over-water it. It offers medicinal benefits such as good for digestion, skin benefits, detoxifies the body and many more.

5. Snake Plant

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Commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue, it is one of the most recommended plants for your bedroom as it converts CO2 into oxygen at night. It is a relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance plant. The thick and tall foliage without stems of the snake plant looks so unique and desirable. Read More:- 7 Flowers that are a must have in your Garden During Monsoon

6. Philodendron

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This plant has graced home interiors for generations. It is highly recommended to the inexperienced growers who are learning how to care for plants. Philodendron is a popular plant choice for indoor areas as it is easy to care for. They tend to last for many years if proper care is taken. Grow with moderate water and sunlight for best results.

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