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Anoushka Chopra | 23 Jan 2023

Things To Know Before Getting a Swimming Pool Constructed

Things To Know Before Getting a Swimming Pool Constructed

Getting a swimming pool constructed at your home is a dream for many. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Our aim is not just to give you the push that you need to start on your journey to building your swimming pool, but also to provide you with a guide so that nothing goes wrong on your end. 

When you think of a swimming pool of your own, is it indoors or outdoors? Is it on your terrace or in the backyard of your home? No matter where you decide to construct the swimming pool, it is a huge investment in terms of your time and money. Your work does not end after the construction is over. That is when it begins! You need to make sure that the swimming pool is clean and maintained at all times, and you can not afford to neglect its requirements or postpone its daily cleaning. 

So what if you have to indulge in some cleaning or put in a few extra minutes every day to ensure that the pool is in the right condition? We say the hustle and hard work is completely worth it! 

Think of it this way - getting a swimming pool of your own is a win-win situation for everyone. It will not only improve the aesthetics and appeal of your home but will also serve as a medium of entertainment for everyone. Whether it is guests who want to sit by the pool and enjoy their evening or your children who want to take a dip after school, a swimming pool has the potential of making everyone happy! 

Think about yourself. Waking up every morning and having the option of doing a little workout in the pool or just lazying around it on a Sunday. Does it not sound like an absolute treat? For some of us, a two-week vacation during the summers is just not enough. What we want and what we crave is to have a swimming pool right at our disposal, making our moods better and our lives easier. 

Constructing a swimming pool is not a walk in the park. Interior designers just a few years ago thought that it was not such a good idea to build a swimming pool in your house after the construction of the house was over and completed. They believed that it was best to either include the construction of a swimming pool in the floor plans before the construction began or to drop the idea altogether. 

The housing trends and preferences have now changed for the better. Both homebuyers and interior designers believe that it is okay for the requirements of the homeowners to change from time to time. An essential element that may have slipped your mind during construction, can now be taken into consideration even once your house is fully built. 

Whether you have already made the decision of getting a swimming pool built or are yet to be convinced, this blog is for you either way. Just like we helped you with a seamless experience in finding the right property to buy and getting your house built with no major issues, let us rescue you here too! 

Discussed below are factors that need to be considered and given attention before you make your final decision for constructing a swimming pool at your home. 

What Factors Should You Consider Before Getting A Swimming Pool Constructed?


You need to know why you want to have your very own pool constructed at home. Either it is to exercise or simply just for pleasure. Make sure that you are researching a lap pool if you want to get some workouts done after it is constructed. Also, think about whether kids in the house will be using the swimming pool. If yes, then pay special attention to its depth. If the pool is for the sole purpose of entertaining children then also consider installing a bubble system. 

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Type and Size 

Broadly, there are two types of swimming pool that you will have to choose from - ready made or fully constructed. This decision will also depend on the purpose of the pool. Once you are clear about the purpose of the pool, you can decide to get one step ahead and decide whether you want a water fountain within the pool, a hotel water pool, a counter-current swimming pool, or even a rains shower design. 

To conclude the size of the pool, you would need to seek guidance from a builder. This will include taking into account the total space available, your overall budget, and the zoning restrictions that exist in your area. 

Appearance and Appeal 

As you must have seen in hotels or clubs, swimming pools can shape to look the way you want them to. You need to decide whether you want the swimming pool to blend in with the interiors and exteriors of your home or if you want to make it stand out. Ask yourself - do you want it to be the first thing guests notice when they enter the home? Is your swimming pool required to be more of a statement piece than a valuable addition to your house? The location of where you are building your swimming pool also matters. It will decide the overall view of the swimming pool from inside your home and the look that it will give when you are standing in your garden or at a considerable distance. 


Not everyone will spend the same amount of money on building a swimming pool. While some of the costs will be fixed, others will vary from person to person. Fixed costs include the size, shape, design, and type of the pool. Once you have done your research, you can simply take these factors into account and get a rough estimate of the money that you will be spending - 

  • Above ground pool costs 

  • In-ground pool costs 

  • Ongoing swimming pool costs 

  • Chemicals

  • Maintenance

  • Utilities 

  • Equipment

  • Opening and closing a pool 

Choosing a Contractor 

Just like you needed the right real estate provider for finding you the right home, you need the right contractor for building your swimming pool the right way too! To begin with, ask around and get referrals from your friends, family, and neighbors. Do not just finalize on the first builder that comes your way, make sure you talk to at least 3 of them before choosing the ideal one. Here are a few things you can tick off of your checklist when you are choosing a builder - 

  • Inquire if they give additional design services or have the needed experience for it 

  • Get proof on whether the contractor is bonded or insured. Verify everything with written documents instead of just trusting your instincts. 

  • Determine the number of years that they have been in the industry and the total number of projects that they have worked on and completed. 

  • Be sure to know whether they use their staff or prefer to subcontract work 

  • Ask for testimonials from their previous customers and make sure to witness their work firsthand before deciding. 

Make note that when you hire a contractor, they never ask you to pay the full amount upfront. While some require advance payment, beware of contractors who are adamant about taking full payment before the work is finished. 

Estimation of Number of People Using the Pool 

This will not just help you in determining the size of your pool, but also to figure out whether the area for constructing it is big enough. Are you building the pool for special occasions or only for entertainment purposes for your kids and family? Once you have the answers, you can finalize the entrance and exit routes and whether this is extra space needed for guests and other people to hang out in and around the pool.

Pool House 

You might not feel the need for a pool house right now, but once you have your swimming pool constructed and ready to use, you might realize the importance of having a pool house too. A pool house is a convenient way to store and change your clothes when needed instead of running in and out of the bathroom inside your house. You can also add a refrigerator that can keep drinks and snacks in case you are hosting a party by the pool. Garden chairs, tables, necessary swimming equipment can be kept there too. 

Special Features 

If you are serious about constructing a swimming pool in your home, why not go all the way! Basic lighting and water features will increase the appeal of your pool. You can also install an automatic pool safety cover for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Underwater benches, a swim-up bar, play areas for volleyball or basketball in the pool, and shallow beach-style entries are some other installations that you can think about. 

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Swimming pools will only be a valuable asset to you if they are maintained well. They can also help in increasing the value of your home when you decide to sell the property. You can either get familiar with a do-it-yourself checklist to maintain your pool properly or can hire a professional and certified technician for a seamless process. 

Circulation System

Whether you want this or not, installing an aquatic system for your pool is a must. This water circulation system will make sure your swimming pool is fresh, clean, and sparkling at all times. With advances in technology, this task is not too difficult to implement anymore. Take help from your builder to find you a circulation system that is reliable and works with high efficiency. 

Construction Timeline 

Be prepared to face a little dirt and chaos in your home while the construction is in progress. Even though an estimated date of completion is usually more or less accurate, you never know what may or may not go wrong! However, be sure you request the contractor for an estimated date of completion so that you can plan your life and work ahead. For your information, an above-ground pool takes only a few hours or at the most, a few days. An inground pool depends solely on the complexity of the project and takes somewhere between 3 to 12 weeks to finish.

Safety Considerations 

Is it just us or do you think this is the most crucial factor to keep in mind? Supervision must be present at all times to ensure the safety of children and pets. Moreover, many times insects wander in and around the pool if not looked after. This does not mean you have to keep an eye on the pool at all times. There is modern technology and equipment that do the work for you. For peace of mind, consider purchasing water alarms, personal safety accessories, pool floats, safety covers, tech laser technologies, and other equipment that assures to keep your pool and its surroundings safe. 

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Insurance Coverage

You would be happy to know that this is a part of homeowners insurance. While some insurance companies are considerate of swimming pool insurance, others are not. To make sure you do not have to drown in paperwork, later on, confirm its details and complete the process with your insurance agent beforehand. 

A lot to think about right? Who would have thought getting a swimming pool built would give you so much to think about and ponder upon? Don't worry, what matters is that you are in the right hands! Whether anything goes wrong or you end up having a hard time making a decision, we are right here to guide you through the process. 

Most of the home buyers end up getting a swimming pool constructed with no prior knowledge or research on what it means to own and maintain a pool of your own. Such impulsive decisions have no place in the real estate industry. Constructing a swimming pool is an addition to your property, and hence it is related to real estate too. Be different from such homeowners and make sure that you make an informed decision. 

Contact a builder only after you have taken into account all the factors mentioned above. Do not make the mistake of only paying attention to some factors and completely ignoring the others. Having answers to all these questions is what will help you build a swimming pool with no regrets and what-ifs. If you are not living alone, make sure you consult your family members or other people that are living along with you. Their opinions are as valuable as yours. 

Just like the dream home that you are living in today, remember that having your swimming pool at your disposal during all times is no less than a dream either! Now that you have been given the chance to make it come true, do it right in the first go!


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