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Marketing Team | 07 Feb 2023

7 Inventive Ways To Decorate That Forgotten Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

7 Inventive Ways To Decorate That Forgotten Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen ceilings really high? Is there so much awkward space between the above of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? If yes, we are sure you must have likely spent time cursing your architect. Then, why don’t you take your decorating efforts to reach new heights? Here are 7 ideas to decorate this awkward space. Have a look and get inspired!

1. Put Some Pretty Baskets Up There

The extra space above your kitchen cabinets can serve a specific purpose. Place some pretty baskets or bins right above the cabinets. keep items you usually don’t use that often. It can keep small items out of sight and they’re gorgeous to look at, set against gorgeous white cabinetry. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

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2. Include Single Shelf for Storage

If space above the cabinet is tall enough then you can use it as a single shelf for storage and display. With this way, you can create double the amount of valuable single shelf for storage. Image Source - thecasacollective.com

3. Stash Your Cook books

Enhance the use of kitchen's cabinet by keeping your cookbooks off your living room shelves and keep it where you actually want them. Note: This one only works if you have a step ladder, so you can access them easily. Image Source - southernliving.timeinc.net

4. Create an Art Gallery

Gallery walls are always considered as a classic and decorative element. Paint the frames above kitchen cabinets and put it nicely above the dark wood cabinetry. Image Source - drbillywilbanks.com

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5. Showcase a Sign

It can be a daunting task in homes, especially small apartments, to find a spot for an indoor garden. Well, the space above kitchen cabinets is an ideal spot to grow an indoor garden—it adds a natural and vibrant accent to the kitchen. Image Source - brandmadeby.us

6. Show Off Special Objects

When installing new kitchen cabinets, consider using glass display cabinets above them. You can put special décor objects, like patterned plates or vases or any other small items. Image Source - 3-design.org

7. Fill the Blank Canvas

The easiest way to decorate the space above the kitchen cabinets is a chalkboard. This chalkboard will turn the awkward space in the best possible way. Image Source - hearstapps.com

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