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Marketing Team | 23 Jan 2023

Incredible Staircase Designs That Will Make Your House Merrier Than Ever

Incredible Staircase Designs That Will Make Your House Merrier Than Ever

Staircases are not just a connection between two levels of a home, but also it can be used as decor elements when designing a modern home. Whether you’re incorporated a staircase in your home or are looking for renovation in an existing design, color can be a magical way of transforming your staircase into an artwork. Here are the following staircase designs for a modern home.


Staircases decor ideas

Eye-popping graphics slogans as the staircase designs can be an interesting way to incorporate blocks of color and you can turn it into a vibrant centerpiece. Image Source - diy.sndimg.com

Soft Stair Colours

Staircases design ideas

A pair of soft stair colors can add visual variety to your living space without overwhelming the color scheme. Image Source - ksassets.timeincuk.net

Ombré staircase

Staircases color ideas

An ombré staircase can be a cheerful addition to a restrained space. The gradual color progression in staircase will allow you to enjoy a spectrum of hues without creating any color clutter. Image Source - 4.bp.blogspot.com

Mediterranean Staircase

Staircases color idea

If you like contemporary minimalism with classic, try to combine wooden treads and traditional tile risers. This staircase design is inspired from Mediterranean style, with stair risers dressed in beautiful tiles carrying signature Mediterranean motifs. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

Spiral Staircase

Staircases design idea

This classic spiral stair is the most flexible design that can fit into the various range of home design styles which depends upon the customization of the stair. It is the meeting place of traditional design. Image Source - moneypit.com

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Rainbow Staircase

Staircases decor idea

Bright colors can have a beautiful impact on stair risers, even if the rest of the room is understated. This staircase design offers an effortless visual statement by adding a rainbow range of colors. Image Source - static1.squarespace.com

A Stair Runner

Staircase design ideas

If you’re looking for a quick design for your staircase, a stair runner might just be the best option. A stair runner can serve as a creative decor piece. Image Source - johnrobinsonbooks.com

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