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Marketing Team | 23 Jan 2023

Ideas That Can Turn Your Spare Room into an Often Used Space

Ideas That Can Turn Your Spare Room into an Often Used Space

Do you have an extra room in your house and you’re confused about what to do with it? Having a spare room in your house leaves you with innumerable opportunities to create a special room. It could be your meditation room, a dancing room or a home gym. Read on to learn some ideas that can help you to create a retreat of your own.

Game Room

Ideas to use extra room

Make your leisure time more fun at the weekend by playing games in your home. Consider turning the spare room into a game room - a billiard table or maybe even board games. Use the wall space for a dart game or other games. Also, you can decorate it with some posters or other accessories to bring the visual element to the game room. Image Source -i.pinimg.com

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Entertainment Room

Ideas to use extra space

An entertainment room doesn’t need to keep remarkable architecture. A flat-screen television, lots of comfortable seating like reclining chairs or a sectional couch and cocktail tables and yes blackout shades to have a movie marathon. Image Source - sofacope.com

Planting Room

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Isn’t it a great idea of having an in-house room in an underutilized space to store indoor plants? It’s very convenient to have a large sink for washing freshly picked fruits and vegetables or making bouquets with flowers. Image Source - betterdecoratingbible.com

Music Room

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For anyone who likes to record music or sing a song, a private music room is what you need. Making this music room can quickly transform your spare room into one of the most enjoyable rooms in your house. Support your mini sound room with a soundproofed wall or you can add a rug, upholstered furniture, and thick window treatments in order to absorb the sound. Image Source - 2.bp.blogspot.com

Art Studio

Idea to use extra rooms

A smart way to reduce your stress and encourage creativity is to include an art studio in your house. A room full of great natural light with lots of windows is usually best for this. Arrange a comfortable chair and include a storage space to store supplies and a sink for clean-up. Image Source - decoist.com

Home Gym

Idea to use extra space

If you want to hit the gym but do not have extra time to make a separate trip, consider turning your extra room into a home gym. You need not have anything extensive - a few free weights, a stationary bike, a treadmill and a yoga mat. A mirror on a room wall, a fan and a TV in the corner can bring the “gym” atmosphere into your house. Image Source - infusedhouse.com

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A spare room for a quick snack or refreshment can add comfort to a large house. Stock the kitchenette with some snacks and beverages that are easy to pick up when needed. Image Source - zawebsdata.co.za


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