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Marketing Team | 09 Dec 2022

6 New Year’s Home Decor Resolutions You Can Make—And Actually Keep!

6 New Year’s Home Decor Resolutions You Can Make—And Actually Keep!

Forget drinking less or losing weight for the New Year resolution. In the coming year, why not try a decorating resolution for your home instead? In the spirit of fresh starts, here are our five home decor resolutions to make your home better as you ring in 2023. Read on and start planning!

Cut The Clutter

Decluttering is one of the great ways to spruce up your home. A great rule of thumb: If you haven’t used those items or looked at them in all these years, give them away, donate them or sell them.
Image Source - gruntsmovejunk.com

Display Family Photos

You know you love watching photos of your gorgeous family so why not swap out that artwork and gathered photos for your gallery wall? This is the year! Fill your gallery wall with family photographs. Such a pretty way to display your family photos, isn’t it?
Image Source - artnak.net

Let There Be Sunshine

It’s time to get more daylight in every room by giving the right window treatments. Try matchstick blinds for your window so that it will let natural light in. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

Go Green

Do you want an elegant space? Go green this coming year. Fill your room with lush indoor plants and small trees such as fiddle-leaf figs and long-lasting succulents. It's not only updated style but also cleans your room’s air.
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Organize The Toys

Another great idea to decorate your room? Get those toys out of your living room and use a closet with a shelf for your kid’s stuff.
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Set The Mood

Lighting is one of the smartest ways to set the mood of the room. Cotton ball fairy lights will give your room a soft new vibe.
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