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24 Sep 2018

7 Tips For Decorating A Creative and Playful Kid's Room

7 Tips For Decorating A Creative and Playful Kid's Room

Providing your kids a comfortable living space where they can thrive, play and learn is a tough task. But with minimal effort and a little money you can create a living space that can be a reflection of their little personalities. Here are some kids' room decorating ideas that you can easily tackle yourself. 

Create Mini Art Galleries

Creating gallery-style wall décor is the best way to infuse colour and pattern into the room. The best part of this fun trend is that it will take up an empty space on a large wall, making the entire room feel fully inhabited. It can be just pictures, whether art or photos as it celebrates all types of art. The wonders of creative artwork! Image Source :- i.pinimg.com

Accessorize With Soft Toys

Arrange a grid of ropes which can securely holdsoft toys and turns them into a smart way of decoration for the kid's room. The cool yellow and wood theme of the walls also helps create a peaceful environment for your kid. Isn’t it a great idea? Image Source :- i.pinimg.com

Add Graphics

Whether you want to do it through wallpapers, wall decals or the plain old paint, adding graphics can do wonders in your kid’s room. Choose a cheerful theme and use some of your child’s favourite motifs, animals or cartoon characters and the best part is it can fit various budgets too. Image Source :- amara.com

Rethink The Storage Options

Get creative and transform the storage pieces into the decor. Make appealing storage such as a cabinet that can easily blend with the theme of the room or a moveable storage cart. You can also use colorful baskets and chests for keeping your kids toys and clothes. Also, you can opt for beds with drawers underneath so that it will keep all the clutter out of sight. Image Source :- swfaa.us

Choose A Colour Scheme

Choosing a peppy color scheme that will brighten up your kid’s room. Paint the room in your kid’s favouritecolours or choose any palette that has at least two or three pastel shades. Use colorful bedspreads, blinds, and wall panels to offer a distinctive flavour. Image Source :- cubithomes.in

Bring In More Warmth With Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add more color and warmth inyour kid’s room. Rugs will give your kid enoughspace to stretch out and play with toys, puzzles or board games.  Rugs are a better choice in comparison with the wall to wall carpets as they can be cleaned and removed easily. Image Source :- heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com

Smart Shelving

Open shelves are a great storage solution for your kid’s room. Get creative with the placement of the shelves – stack them up in stunning arrangements to add characters to your walls. They not only keep things out of reach of kids, but they also help you in displaying many decor pieces in the kid’s room. Image Source :- theblindrobin.com



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