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Alisha | 25 Jan 2023

Valentine’s Day: 12 Romantic Bedroom Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Valentine’s Day: 12 Romantic Bedroom Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Valentine’s Day, a day of celebration of love, is just a couple of weeks away now and before you think about it, the big day will be at your doorstep. To make this day special, you need to show your love by decorating the bedroom for your partner. So read on for tips on how to create a romantic bedroom for valentine’s day  to woo your partner.

Clean out all clutter

small bedroom idea

You can’t decorate a romantic bedroom without clearing out the clutter around your bed. It’s that simple! Take out everything that needs to be trashed or recycled. Once the room is neat and tidy, you can start adding all the special accent details.

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Re-invent the bed

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Valentine’s Day can be the opportunity for you to get rid of the old, bed and get a new one with a more innovative design. So, if you are looking to try a unique design, there’s nothing like a round bed for your bedroom.  If you do not want to change your bed, you can reinvent the bed you already have. You can try a new headboard or add ceiling canopy curtains.

A dreamy room with candles

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Candles can be a very effective option for lighting to spice up the romance in both of you. Place lightly scented candles in the corners of the bedroom for a more pleasing visual.

Create romantic lighting in your bedroom

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It’s time to ditch the big light on the ceiling –it can be unflattering as well as just too bright. Use dim lights and soft glow bedside lamps to create a soothing ambience and set a romantic mood.

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Red makes everything right

Valentine's Day Home Decor trend

If you want to earn extra lovey-dovey brownies points from your beloved, use the colour of love - red colour in your bedroom. Use some new pillow covers with red bedding for the celebration of love or you can decorate your bed with red flowers.

Art Attack

Valentine's Day Home Decor

Today, the heart shape is recognized as a symbol of romantic love then why not use this shape on a wall to declare our love? Try a heart-shaped motif on the wall and it will not give this charming piece a distinctive look but also will give a customised feel to it.

A romantic canopy bed

Valentine Day

If you want to make your bedroom more romantic, you can add a canopy bed. Canopy beds are romantic and can easily add a certain charm and bring intimacy to the bedroom.

Quality shades

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Good window treatments can add a zing to the romantic appeal of the bedroom. Draperies or curtains block out unwanted light and add a layer of warmth to the room.

A special headboard

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You don’t just see a red heart-shaped pillow on your V-day but you can also have a red headboard specifically for this occasion. A headboard is the focal point and can change the vibe of your bedroom instantly.

Create a romantic ambience with string lights

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

String lights are a great way to make your space feel cosy and can instantly turn your bedroom into a romantic paradise. It not only creates a unique element in your bedroom that isn’t completely magical but functional as well.

Soft flooring

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You can create a romantic ambience by adding as much fluffiness as you can! A bedroom is a place where you and your partner walk around barefoot, and it isn’t going to give a romantic feel if they’re in pain! It’s time to bring soft, fluffy rugs into your bedroom. That’s all you need to do!

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Valentine’s Day

The way a room smells is extremely important to take into account when decorating a romantic bedroom. There are several effective ways you can counteract any issues, though. The first is to add natural elements like plants and beautiful flowers in the bedroom. Add a pleasant aroma throughout the room by using incense or even candle/scented wax melts.


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