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Marketing Team | 25 Jan 2023

10 Scandinavian design trends that will dominate 2018

10 Scandinavian design trends that will dominate 2018

Scandinavian Design Trends came to stay and the proof is that it became a trend that anyone can’t resist. Practicality, functionality, and comfort — are just a few of the reasons that the popularity of Scandinavian design endures. The Scandinavian style of design is not stagnant. It is an ever-evolving organism, adapting to the needs and desires of everyday-life

The Classic Stripes

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Whether you prefer horizontal, vertical, fat or narrow, adding stripes to your decor is a quick refresh. Stripes are also versatile in that depending upon the type of fabric and the style of design, they can convey a multitude of interior design styles

Black & White Decor

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The classic black and white colour palette get a Nordic kick when paired with classic Scandinavian shapes. Decorating a room or multiple rooms in black and white with Nordic furnishings creates a space that is minimalist and chic yet still comfortable and welcoming

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Gray Walls

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Grey walls do not seem to be going away any time soon. Light hues or dark, and everything in between, grey walls are trending in Scandinavian style.

Slatted Walls

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Slatted walls provide a feeling of relaxation and privacy without confinement. Added to a living are, they allow light to filter through and serve as a visual barrier in a space

Shades of Blue

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You can never go wrong with a touch of blue. Since it comes in a variety of hues from rich and royal to pale or pungent. You will definitely find one to fit your style that is bound to add spunk to your space. You can use it on your walls, use it for just the trim, cover an entire room in blue wallpaper or just decorate with blue home accessories.

Leather Upholstery

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Traditionally, only a modest amount of leather could be found in nordic styles, but the Scandinavian trend is now embracing more leather, especially distressed and repurposed styles. Related Post - Bring a Moroccan Theme into your Home

Fun Kids’ Beds

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This trend fits right in with Hygge and is perfect for children, especially during the long winter months when outdoor play is limited. From a simple playhouse-style bed to a more elaborate car, aeroplane or Native American tent bed, the only limits to what you can do here are the imagination and budget.

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