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2 BHK properties

If you are interested in buying a residential property in Hyderabad, you must have come across housing options that offer 2 BHK or 2.5 BHK units. Here, 2 BHK stands for 2 Bedrooms, Hall and Kitchen. In contrast, the 2.5 BHK unit comprises 2 bedrooms, a small room, a hall, and a kitchen. This is basically a half-bedroom concept. In a half bedroom unit in Hyderabad, people generally create study space, a pooja room, or a storeroom. The length and breadth of such a unit in Hyderabad are typically around 10X8 sq. ft. 

In general, 2.5 BHK houses are not bigger than 2 BHK houses in Hyderabad as these houses are built within the same area as that of a 2 bedroom, hall, and kitchen houses. For this, the builders and architects have to utilize the terrace area or a small portion of the hall to accommodate that one extra small room. 

Design of 2BHK House in Hyderabad 

2 BHK residential houses in Hyderabad are roomier and more spacious than a single BHK house. You have more outdoor space and bigger rooms. Developers often add a kid’s room or a study room to give these houses a bigger and more spacious look. This makes it easier for you to plan the home decor accessories and accommodate the furniture accordingly. 

Besides this, most people wish to buy a home when they have already settled with their family or plan to have one. At this point, buying a 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen house in the Hyderabad is considered a good long-term investment based on the current property price in Hyderabad.  As your family grows, you will definitely need a bigger space for living. A single BHK house is suitable for a single person who has just started their professional career, but 2 BHK properties in Hyderabad are perfect for those who are settled with a family. 

2BHK House in Uses and Benefits

  1. Perfect for first-time buyers
  1. Comfortable for nuclear families and couples.
  1. Easy on maintenance
  1. It's easy to rent out or sell as the demand for 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen houses in Hyderabad is high.
  1. Good value appreciation in comparison to other configurations like 1 BHK or 3 BHK houses in Hyderabad.

Invest in 2 BHK Houses in

Apart from personal use, 2-bedroom, hall, and kitchen houses in Hyderabad are the best investment options considered by nuclear or medium-sized families. The current property prices in the Hyderabad make a long-term investment in this unit without a doubt the best thing to do in order to gain a higher return on investment. Hyderabad’s 2 BHK properties can easily be rented out and sold due to their affordability and space. 

No matter what, with these benefits, this configuration of houses in Hyderabad always comes out as a cost-effective and budget-friendly option. We have listed a handful of RERA-approved 2 BHK houses in Hyderabad above. You can choose the one that suits you well. 

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