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1 RK apartments

Thane offers a wide configuration of accommodation. Since the city homes all types of families and individuals, it has apartment types that cater to them all. Let’s say you moved to Thane just for a job or wish to rent your property out to someone that is living by themselves. A great property option for you will be a 1RK apartment in Thane. Also popularly called studio apartments, 1RK flats is the abbreviation for 1 Room Kitchen apartments. 

1 RK Apartments in the Thane Floor Plan

1 RK flats are a smaller living space with just a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Normally, studios are open living spaces where one area simply flows into the other. This means the kitchen would generally not be in a separate dedicated room. 

A studio also does not have a dedicated living area. However, most flats are large enough to fit a couch and some additional seating. Accommodation isn’t hard to find. Multiple developers have constructed flats in their projects in Thane. 

Size and Price of Studio Apartment in Thane

The prices of residence home units in Thane range from affordable to luxurious. Affordable living quarters would be much smaller in size compared to a luxury flat. Similarly, the furnishings and finishings in an affordable accommodation will also be comparatively lower in price. 

One can find 1 room and 1 kitchen co-ops ranging from 200-800 sq. ft. The price 1 RK flats in Thane can start as low as Rs. 15 Lakh and go up to Rs. 1 Crore+. The price of 1RK Apartments in Thane is affected by various factors like locality, size, furnishings, and development stage. One can even invest in luxury living quarters in Thane at a much cheaper price if they do so in the construction stages of a project.

This year brings a lot of benefits to the people owning studio flats in Thane. Especially for single working professionals, a 1 room kitchen apartment can be a perfect choice.

  1. Since the area is much smaller and open, 1 room and 1 kitchen accommodation require little upkeep to stay clean.
  1. Cohousing in Thane has much lower power bills and utility requirements than a 1 BHK, 2 BHK, or 3+ BHK apartment in Thane.
  1. Residence flats are much more affordable than any other type of flat. You can stay in a central location without having to shell out a fortune.
  1. Flats are much more easily rented out as the target market, students or working professionals are eager to rent them due to the comparatively lower cost.


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