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The abbreviation "BHK" is used to refer to the configuration of not just villas but flats, independent homes, builder properties, and bungalows as well. In the case of plots, the term BHK is not applicable until and unless someone uses it to refer to the future potential. 

A 1 BHK house in Greater Noida comprises a standard-sized master bedroom, a kitchen, and a hall. The bathroom and washroom are not attached to the master bedroom but are outside the room. These types of houses in Greater Noida are a common configuration for homebuyers looking at real estate exposure, most notably in central localities, owing to the price range they are available for sale at. 

1 BHK Home in Greater Noida Design

At times, the 1 BHK houses in Greater Noida might come across as bigger than a standard 2 BHK unit. Some builders in Greater Noida might offer an 800 sq. ft property as a 1 bedroom, hall, and kitchen, and some others may package a 2 BHK house in that space. 

When discussing the size of a 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen house in Greater Noida, it is crucial to understand the carpet area and built-up area. The carpet area is the actual usable area you get for use in your house. It does not involve the thickness of the inner walls or the space used in the lobby, play area, elevator, etc. In contrast, a built-up area is the carpet area plus the area covered by inner walls and the balcony.

The 1 BHK houses usually come in a standard size of 400-500 sq. ft. Given the rising prices of 1 BHK in Greater Noida, these configurations of houses are an ideal option for a smaller family or a lower-middle-class family. They can also convert the hall into a small bedroom for kids or other purposes. 

Investing in 1 BHK Homes in Greater Noida

Investing in a property is a big deal for everyone, especially when it is your first real estate investment. You can check the prices of 1 BHK in Greater Noida online. Location, the size of the family, and budget are other significant factors that play a great role in choosing the right property in Greater Noida. If you are a family of two, checking the prices of 1 BHK in Greater Noida is an ideal move, and the next step after finding the dream home is to seal the deal as soon as possible. 

No matter whether you wish to buy a semi-furnished or fully furnished property, we at Clicbrics have endless properties of 1 bedroom, hall, and kitchen for you. Sort your search results with easy-to-use filters like price, project status, property type, etc., and find the home of your dreams now. 

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