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A Guide To Calculating Property Tax In Gurgaon for the year 2019-20

Gurgaon is a favourite destination for MNCs which are listed in the Fortune 500 companies with many of them set up their operational bases in the region. Hence, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the trending office space markets. It has impacted the growth of other segments of commercial as well as residential real estate in Gurgaon. 

With such high development and demand, the city is categorised as A-listed city in India. Thus, property tax bills are applicable here. Also, the methodology followed to calculate property tax for A-1 cities is different from other cities belonging to other segments. 

To those who are planning to invest in Gurgaon Properties or already own a property, we show you the complete and latest guide on how to calculate property tax in the city. 

Residential property in Gurgaon

Every year, the owners of household properties are liable to give Property Tax Gurgaon to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG). Besides following a secure system for property tax calculation, MCG considers two factors - Area and Use of the property. This consideration applies to residential and commercial real estate. In residential property, we also include vacant land which is bought with a purpose to construct a residential building. 

1. Property tax applicable on a residential property in Gurgaon

Area (in sq yards)Rate (in INR per sq yard)
Up to 300 sq yards₹ 1 per sq yard
301 to 500 sq yards₹ 4 per sq yard
501 to 1,000 sq yards₹ 6 per sq yard
1,001 sq yards to 2 acres₹ 7 per sq yard
More than 2 acres₹ 10 per sq yard

2. Property tax applicable on a residential property (vacant land) in Gurgaon

Plot SizeRate (in INR per sq yard)
Up to 100 sq yardsExempted
101-500 sq yards₹ 0.50 per sq yard
501 sq yards and above₹ 1 per sq yard

Commercial property in Gurgaon

In terms of tax charges on commercial real estate in Gurgaon, we have divided below the commercial property and tax structure into three segments. 

1. Property tax applicable on commercial property in Gurgaon 

Area (in sq yards)Tax Levied (in INR per sq yard)
Up to 1000 sq yards₹ 12 per sq yard
More than 1000 sq yards₹ 15 per sq yard

2. Property tax applicable on the ground floor of commercial shops in Gurgaon

Area (in sq yards)Tax Levied (in INR per sq yard)
Up to 50 sq yards₹ 24 per sq yard
51 to 100 sq yards₹ 36 per sq yard
101 to 500 sq yards₹ 48 per sq yard

3. Property tax applicable on commercial/industrial/institutional plots in Gurgaon

Plot SizeTax Levied (in INR per sq yard)
Up to 500 sq yardsExempted
101 sq yards and above₹ 5 per sq yard
501 sq yards and above₹ 2 per sq yard

How do you pay your property tax?

The facility provided by MCG to pay the property tax is both online and manual. You need to visit any of the MCG’s Citizen Facilitation Centres. For the online option, make your property tax payment on the MCG website. Information required from your end will be your unique Property ID number or your name and address.

The source of the data mentioned in the tables is- ulbharyana.gov.in


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