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Impact of Mobile Open Exchange Zone (Mox) in Realty Sector

Mobile Open Exchange Zone (MOX) is a dedicated ecosystem for the Mobile Industry that will provide an integrated platform to mobile manufacturers, research & development, and app developers.

Recently country’s first Mobile Open Exchange Zone (MOX) in Noida was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier at UP Investors Summit, UP government had signed MoU with WTC, Noida to develop a ‘Tech Zone’ which will work as a catalyst for the growth of mobile and allied sectors in Uttar Pradesh. This initiation taken by the Central Government saw the launch of 81 investment projects worth over Rs. 60,000 crores in the state. WTC Noida has played a pivotal role in unifying the IT and commercial sector into the same hub. 

Mobile Open Exchange Zone (MOX) is a dedicated ecosystem for the Mobile Industry that will provide an integrated platform to mobile manufacturers, research & development, and app developers. MOX in World Trade Center will promote start-ups in the app development and other domains related to mobile as it will be a focused mobile ecosystem for service providers, retailers, and distributors, handset manufacturers, mobile content, application and service providers. There are many benefits to this zone, let’s discuss them briefly.

Generates huge employment opportunities

The MOX at World Trade Centre in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is an ecosystem in itself. It is an ideal platform for mobile manufacturers and app developers. As there are many roles for professionals in this huge ecosystem then naturally it will generate huge employment opportunities. Because of its skyrocketing commercial growth, the location will offer immense potential for realty growth

Infrastructure growth 

As the whole Techzone sector will be turned into the Mobile Open Exchange Zone then the infrastructure has to be supreme. The expansion of infrastructure will attract growth and development. The growth of infrastructure will make Noida one of the best residential hotspots in Uttar Pradesh at present.

Opens new investment opportunities

Mobile Open Exchange Zone is a cluster that manages all the operations conducted on a larger scale which will engage investment globally and bring various investment opportunities.

Boosts real estate sector

Clearly, the presence of this big dedicated ecosystem of mobile open exchange will boost the real estate industry. The presence of many business clusters and heavy commercial activities in the Techzone sector will be the main attraction for the nearby areas and property there.

Location advantages 

MOX cluster has a great advantage due to its excellent connectivity. It is located in prime Delhi NCR location, with great connectivity with some of the country's important highways, backed with DMIC corridor, which makes the commuting of goods and people seamless. Also, it is located near some major areas which are easily accessible, for instance, the proposed Jewar International airport and the Gautam Buddha University and some other educational institutes are also in close proximity to the region. 


Supported by government initiatives, excellent connectivity, and the sudden growth of the mobile industry, Mobile Open Exchange Zone is one of the most promising cluster developments of the current times. The cluster will benefit the area to thrive and prosper and will contribute to the development of the township by catering to the housing need of the migrating workforce. 


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