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Marketing Team | 09 Dec 2022

6 DIY Decor Ideas That Will Leave Your Home Bursting with Love and Warmth

6 DIY Decor Ideas That Will Leave Your Home Bursting with Love and Warmth

Experimenting with arts and crafts is a great idea to not only discover your creative side, but it also helps in creating objects that enhance the look of your home. Luckily, a lot of decor for your house can be made yourself. Therefore, we’re sharing a few room decor ideas to give your interior a new lease of life.

Make a Macrame Wall Hanging

Begin this DIY home decor idea with macrame wall hangings. It offers one of the most versatile ways to introduce macramé decor into your house and fill a little empty space in your house at the same time. These wall hangings are all the rage today. Hang this hippie chic in your living room, bedroom or dining room. Image Source - imgix.ttcdn.co

Try a Macrame Plant Hanger

If you’re looking for something which adds more greenery and life to your living space, macrame plant hangers are a great way to start. This little fellow hanging is simple to make, and with this unique piece, you’ll enjoy the dash of greenery and freshness they bring in home too. So, would you give this macrame plant hanger a try? Image Source - classyclutter.net

A Rustic Pallet Headboard

Pallets are often available at hardware stores and are easy to work with. Making a pallet headboard for your sleeping space would make a great bedroom décor. It gives a rustic warmth and country look to your bedroom. This is an easy DIY home decor idea anyone at any skill level can make. Image Source - fendhome.com

Try Washi Tape for Wall Art

Washi tape is one of the most amazing things you can use as a décor item without breaking the bank. You can create a geometric piece of wall art in your living room. The best part about washi tape is that its hassle-free to use, and won’t leave your living room walls looking like a sticky mess whenever you take it off. Image Source - diycraftsfood.trulyhandpicked.com

Make Pom-Pom Cushions

Pom poms are a great way to add a bouncy flourish to your living space. If you have some plain cushions in your house and want to change the look of your room, consider adding a fluffy pom as a cushion. You just need to attach these bouncy things to your cushion with a needle and thread. Image Source - ariyonainterior.com

Decorative Crochet Floor Rug

Learn the art of crochet and make a decorative crochet floor rug that provides warmth underfoot. This is a nice décor idea, especially in the colder months, and it helps in creating a cosier atmosphere in your living space. Image Source - craftsmumship.com


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