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Marketing Team | 15 Dec 2022

7 Clever Ideas That Can Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

7 Clever Ideas That Can Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Usually, the minimum area of a fully functional bathroom ranges from 35 to 40 square feet. However, due to the lack of space, most modern apartments come with small and compact bathrooms that just manage to fill the basic requirements. Renovating your existing bathroom can be a tough task, But there’s hope! You just need to implement a few tips that can help a small bathroom GROW, visually.

Go For Light Colours

The best way to make a small bathroom look bigger is by opting for light colours for the floor and wall tiles of the bathroom. Light colours have the potential to reflect light, therefore can make the small bathroom feel bigger. Image Source - restaurantmeyersca.com

Incorporate A Floating Vanity

Consider a floating vanity instead of a full-length cabinet below the sink. It will be useful for keeping your bathroom essentials, and because of the floor space it frees up below, the bathroom gives the illusion of a spacious bathroom. Image Source - overcoming.co

Install A Wall-Mounted WC

Try a wall-mounted WC (water closet) in your tiny space, as it not only keeps the bathroom floor clear but ensures a clean look hiding the flushing mechanism within the walls. Although the empty space below the WC will not be utilized, a wall-mounted WC creates a feeling of lightness and gives the feel of a bigger bathroom. Image Source -roohome.com

Add Transparent Glass Panels

Don’t go for a bathtub if you have limited space; instead, get a shower stall. Also, cover the shower area with transparent glass as it allows a full view of the space. This will also differentiate between the wet and dry portions of the bathroom. Image Source -acceleramb.com

Large Mirrors

Large mirrors have the ability to open up your tiny space and make spaces look bigger. How? It reflects light and creates multiple reflections of objects, to give an illusion of a bigger space. Image Source -australianwild.org

Natural Light

Windows are a great idea to bring in natural light and make the small bathroom look spacious. Do not cover the window in your bathroom. Instead, try a sheer screen or use frosted glass that will allow natural light to come into your bathroom. Image Source -lvluxhome.net

Introduce Niches

Bathroom niches are not only useful in creating extra space for storing bath accessories and toiletries, but also create visual impact. Introducing simple niches add so much value to your bathroom. Image Source -home-designing.com


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