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Shuchi Singh | 23 May 2019

Why Karnal Is Hot Market To Invest In Real Estate?

Why Karnal Is Hot Market To Invest In Real Estate?

Karnal, also known as the rice bowl of India, is now considered one of the best bets for safe living in the NCR. With better infrastructure, Karnal has transformed into a booming real estate destination. Located 123 km from Delhi, Karnal is now emerging as the preferred destination for investors as there are huge prospects of realty growth.

A city progressing towards growth and development of infrastructure, it is one of the most reasonable investment destinations in NCR. Housing space crunch in Delhi is one of the major factors for high prices in the NCR and because of high demand for property, Karnal is rather affordable, with various property types available under all budget segments.

Historical Importance of Karnal

The city has gained importance since the Mahabharata era. It is believed that Karnal was founded by Raja Karn, the eldest son of Kunti and a Warrior in the Mahabharata war, thus the city is also known as the 'city of Daanvir Karan'.The city also got its share of fame in the year 1739 when the Persian King Nadir Shah defeated the Mughal ruler Muhammad Shah in the Battle of Karnal. Also, some of the famous personalities have their association with Karnal city. Late Dr. Kalpana Chawla, an Indian-American scientist and NASA astronaut was born here.

An Education Hub

With education taking a major role in everyday life to survive, Karnal is fast emerging as an education hub of the country. With the presence of several best dairy and horticultural research organizations, Karnal is likely to emerge as the education hub in Haryana. Karnal has a large number of academic and research institutes such as the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR), etc. This, in turn, has boosted real estate development.

Well Connected To Major Cities

Karnal enjoys geographical and infrastructural advantages and there is a huge scope for real estate development here. Located strategically on NH1, the city has the merit of proximity to Delhi, as well as Chandigarh. These factors are driving real estate players to choose Karnal as a potential booming real estate destination.

Industrial Set-Up

The place is also popular for the manufacturing of agricultural implements and its spares. More than 40% of India’s agricultural implements and spares are manufactured in Karnal. It provides direct and indirect employment for many people. The headquarter of famous Liberty Shoes is also here, which employs thousands of workers.

Futuristic Developments  In Karnal

The Haryana government has proposed many new projects for the development in Karnal which includes installation of CCTV cameras at 31 major roads, the building of hospitals, educational institutions, hotels; multi-storeyed parking arrangements, city bus service, infrastructure development like widening of roads connecting Karnal, strengthening of water supply, drainage and sewage systems, etc. Karnal also made it to the list of ‘Smart Cities’, which further brightens its prospects for growth. Health, education, infrastructure, technology, employment, security, smart solid waste management,  surveillance, public utility services, public transport, beautification of Mughal Canal, beautification of Western Yamuna Canal on the pattern of Mahabharata and development of a modern market with better mobility are some of the key priorities under this project.

Why Karnal?

Karnal has all the modern amenities along with social and physical infrastructure, all within easy distance from any part of the city. Following are the key points that help the home buyers in giving a thought to make a investment in real estate in Karnal:-

  • NH1 Highway to have easy transportation access to Delhi and Chandigarh.
  • Karnal is also a convenient getaway to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
  • One of the cleanest and pollution-free regions in India.
  • Popular historical places are nearby like Karnal Lake, magnificent Karnal Fort, Kalander Shah’s Tomb, Cantonment Church Tower, etc.
  • Karnal is home to 16 premium government research institutes.
  • The city has the largest wholesale rice market in north India.


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