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alisha | 24 May 2019

8 Benefits Of Buying Ready To Move Flats In Gurgaon

8 Benefits Of Buying Ready To Move Flats In Gurgaon

Gurgaon or Gurugram popularly known as Millennium City lies in the Indian state of Haryana and is included under the National Capital Region (NCR). The cosmopolitan culture of the city has been attracting the younger generation the most. 

In terms of real estate, Gurgaon continues to grow in all the sectors including residential, commercial, retail, office, institutional, hospital and industrial. If you are financially prepared and wish to make a move on investment in real estate of Gurgaon, ready to move (RTM) flats might be the ideal deal for you. The benefits are ample, and we elaborate on the significant ones below.

  Gurgaon with a remarkable industrial development has succeeded in attracting the best bunch of names from real estate. It is home to a long list of real estate developers who have earned a reputable name in India as well as in the International market. Their core values lie in delivering the best to the customers. Their team comprises of robust engineers and architects who serve quality and innovation as well as the marketing people who anticipate every single need of the customers. Hence, as a buyer, one can fully expect transparency and professionalism from them.

  For homebuyers who have purchased a ready to move flats in Gurgaon, live in another city and have no planning to move to Gurgaon immediately, rent your home and start earning from it. The vibe of a new house along with a list of amenities can attract a lot of people who are willing to live in a rented place. With this strategy, you can repay the EMI for home loan taken for your new property.

  There are several projects in the under-construction segment in Gurgaon which are far from completion. The uncertainty and unpredictable circumstances may delay the project even more. Buying an ready to move flat can save you from such an insecure situation. Going with this advice will serve you with instant gratification.

  Buy ready to move flats in Gurgaon or any other part of the country exempts you from paying Goods and Services Tax (GST). The case is just the opposite in terms of investing in under construction property as you will be liable to pay a certain per cent of GST.

  When you go to check ready to move property that you are looking forward to buying in Gurgaon, you get to see the final product. A real estate developer has no scope to trick the customer while selling ready to move properties in Gurugram. From the size of the rooms to the structure of the overall property and other facilities, you get to see the final quality of the product.

   With no waiting period involved in buying a ready to move apartments, the only immediate action required from the customer's end is to pay the EMIs on home loan immediately. Under construction property at times cause financial strain to the buyer with increasing interest rates and may end up cancelling the property. However, the process of buying an ready to move property is transparent and free of uncertainty.

   Considering the vast potential of Gurgaon real estate market, developers in the city aren't afraid of innovation. Along with the luxurious ready to move flats, developers provide world-class amenities that range from basic necessities of urban life to the high-end ones such as gaming zones, multipurpose halls, shopping centres, kids zone, daily needs store, International brand providing a variety of products and services with technological advancement, medical facilities, concierge services, ample outdoor spaces for various activities, security services, clubhouses, and more. One may not even have to move out of the complex with such detailed facilities.

   A homebuyer is bound to be surprised by the kind of arrangements done by the developers in Gurgaon which is rare and exclusive. Being home to nearly 250 Fortune 500 companies, Gurgaon is currently a leading financial and industrial centre of India. Therefore, it makes complete sense for a homebuyer to invest in ready to move properties rather than waiting for another couple of years by investing in under construction.

Buying a ready to move property in a city like Gurgaon is a win-win situation for you at present. Its excellent connectivity with the capital city and other parts of the country makes Gurgaon a completely liveable place. Your delay in action may end up missing the opportunity to live in your favourite location and residential property. The prices are surely going to soar in the coming years.


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