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02 Jul 2019

Want A Happy Life? Science Says Your Home Needs These Things To Be Happy Happy

Want A Happy Life? Science Says Your Home Needs These Things To Be Happy Happy

They say that home is where the heart is, so do you think your home is a happy home? Well, your home is more than just four walls. It is not only a place to eat and sleep but also it's where some of our biggest life events happen. Thus we want to make sure we have happy homes to create happy hearts. 

Keep Fresh Flowers

Some people find buying freshly cut flowers as a waste of money as they die. If you also think the same way, then it’s time to change your thoughts because science says it’s absolutely worth the money. Studies have shown that keeping fresh flowers in home promote feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

Photos Around The House

Did you know that placing sentimental photos around your home can actually help to boost your mood at the moment? Yes, science says that looking a old photos of your happiest times with your most beloved loved ones reminds us of fond memories as well as can help lift our spirits.

Use The Power Of Vanilla Candles

Having scented candles just feels good as it provides ambiance and gives us the sweetest aromas your home could ask for. And also, the scent of your candle has a major impact on your happiness too. According to a Chemical Senses study research, vanilla particular can do wonders for your home. It evokes a sense of calmness. So, it’s time to stock up on your supply.

Green Or Blue Walls For Happiness

When it comes to painting preferences, everyone has its own opinions. But opinions aside, according to science, there are some colors that evoke happiness. For instance, a study from Vrije University in Amsterdam found that green and yellow are colors that evoked the most feelings of happiness. If painting an entire room with these colours seems too much, try painting an accent wall.

Have A Few Furry Friends

There's a reason dogs are called as "man's best friend." We are happiest when we are around our furry friends. According to The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pets provide meaningful support for owners, helping them to overcome stress in life and ultimately improving their lives. 



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